Tuesday, March 21, 2017

M is for Mealtime - Babies R' Us & Nuby Giveaway!

**Giveaway closed!**

Throughout March, Babies R' Us is having a sale on select Nuby mealtime products on their site!  In collaboration with them, and Nuby, I am giving away BOTH a Nuby BPA Free 360 Degree Two Handle Comfort Cup (in a boy or girl color) and a Nuby BPA Free Keepeez Sipper Gripper (in a boy or girl color).  Read more to find out how to enter to win!

You can also purchase your own Nuby mealtime products during the Buy More, Save More Sale at Babies R' Us! Great savings on Nuby infant & toddler feeding products at Babies R’ Us stores & onlineBuy 1 Get 10% off, buy 2 get 20% off, buy 3 or more and get 30% off!  The sale includes bottles, cups, mealtime, bottle accessories, & bottle dish soap.  It runs from 3/2-3/26 and you can view the details of the promotion here.  

In our house, dinner time is both my favorite time and the most hectic time.  It's hard to find ways to keep the kids entertained, and find time to prep and cook dinner.  But as you know, we like to incorporate them helping into our dinner time routine, as much as possible, and this fosters Lemon's love of cooking (and hopefully Indy's one day!).  So, even though Lemon wasn't into making spaghetti, she got up on her kitchen stand and helped!

But first, play time outside to wear them out a bit (after we got home from work):

They took baths outside and then we snuggled a bit because the hose water is still a bit too cold, even in 93 degrees!

When making dinner, if Ian is running errands, I usually wear Indy so that he feels like he's still snuggled and supported, while we are focusing on meal prep.

Then, if he gets bored (or isn't tired) we put him in his high chair so he can still be part of the action.  We usually give him a snack (tonight it was the core of an apple) so that he is entertained while we finish dinner.

The 360 cup is so cool for babies learning how to drink from cups!  You don't have to tip it in order for them to get water.  It has a part inside that brings the water up, like a really flexible straw, from no matter where they are holding it!  It can be flat on a surface and they'll still get water.  It is our FAVORITE cup! 

This cup strap is AWESOME.  Babies (especially this boy) love to throw their stuff off of their high chair, this Nuby strap keeps it still attached so he can easily pull it back up to take a drink!

Then dad comes home from the store and things get crazy (as always):

Success!  Tonight she wanted spaghetti with meat but no sauce, cheese and butter.  Easy!

The purple water bottle pictured is Nuby's New Thirsty Kids Flip it Water Canteen.  We LOVE it, perfect for your active toddler and Indy can drink out of it too!  It is BPA free, no spill, and has an easy press button for opening.  A great addition to your cup collection and perfect for attaching to backpacks and taking on adventures!

Indy will eat whatever we put in front of him and LOVES spaghetti night:

(Seriously, how did I get spaghetti sauce on my foot?!)

If you want to win your own Nuby 360 Comfort Cup and Keepeez Supper Gripper Cup Strap, head over to my Instagram to enter to win!  For an extra entry, comment below on how this cup and strap would make dinner time easier at your house!  (Giveaway ends on 3/26 at 11:59pm, US Residents only, winner will be announced on here and on Instagram post.)

Our dinner time routine probably looks a lot like yours.  We are all just barely hanging in there by 6/7pm at night, us included.  Thanks for following along, love to all of you!  :)

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