Wednesday, January 5, 2011

96 Ounces!

Can we just talk about eating and drinking while pregnant?  Take a look at those lists on my post below, seriously, scroll down and look.  Each time it says 2 or 3 servings, that's daily - this means EVERY DAY.  That just seems like SO much food, it's craziness.  How am I supposed to only gain 25 pounds but eat ALL of that every day?!

24 ounces of milk (three, 8 ounce glasses) counts as ONE serving of your protein per day.  That means that if you just want to get your protien from milk, for a day, you have to drink six glasses?!  I read Ian the book last night, and it says that you have to choose three of the following before it lists the proteins, and look at them!  4 large eggs or 7 egg whites is one serving?  So, if you want to get your protien from just eggs and milk for a day you'd have to eat 8 eggs and drink 3 glasses of milk?!  WHAT?!  That seems like a lot of food, and that's just the protein section!

Yesterday I tried to eat more, I made a big effort.  I already started eating yogurt in the morning instead of just a breakfast bar so I had both of those, plus some goldfish crackers at my district meeting (I had nothing else), and then I made edamame when I got home while dinner was cooking.  (A note about edamame - look at those lists again.  Edamame satisfies protein, calcium, vitamin C, whole grains and iron.  (Do you suppose you could just eat this all day and satisfy all your required sections?  I wonder . . .)  I barely started on those when our chicked, brown rice, mushrooms and red and yellow peppers were done.  I ate those, tried to finish my edamame (couldn't), and then had a bit of ice cream (yep it's calcium) and apple pie (small piece).  I went to bed SO full, I couldn't sleep.  Even today I still feel full. 

I don't think I can do it.  I would have been fine with dinner last night without the edamame and the brown rice - just eating the chicken and veggies like I normally do.  I feel like I ate way more than I needed, and am paying for it still.  How can one person possibly eat ALL of that every day?  It's unfathomable!

And another thing - water consumption (which makes you feel full too).  I was told by Dr. Simon that I need to drink 96 ounces of water a day.  It is definitely a misconception that pregnant women have to pee all the time because of the baby, I think it's because of the water.  I understand I have a fast heartbeat, I understand that normally I am dehydrated (and this could contribute to my fast heartbeat), but this is a heck of a lot of water.  I used to drink this much water when I was doing bikram yoga, but that was because I lost so much sweating it out for 90 minutes.  And, Dr. Simon gave me a handy mug to carry around while I drink all my water (32 ounces and she wants me to drink 3 daily), but let's be honest about this.  I am a teacher and this mug says OBGYN and Gynecology all over it.  No thanks, I will settle for my 24 ounce pink bottle (5 daily) instead.



In addition to all this food and water intake, I still can't sleep.  I sweat like crazy (I told the doc on Monday that I know my body temp needs to stay under 102 but I FEEL like it's at 102 ALL the time on its own!) and roll around all night and can't seem to get comfy.  I look at my beautiful bed, that I worked so hard on making comfy like a cloud, and dread going to sleep at night.  The few nights I do sleep through the night (I think there have been a total of 3), I feel so good and like my old self.  The doctor says she hears this a lot from people and doesn't really know why it happens.  She did say that your body is preparing itself for being up all night when the baby is rolling around, or being up and down when the baby finally comes.  I just wish I could find some months of sleeping before I get too big and uncomfy.

(We used to be in love . . .)

I am still sleepy in the middle of the day and this sucks since we started back to school.  I have three hours off from 11am - 2pm and have a pillow here that I have broken out on occasion and used to sleep on my desk.  Yesterday, I knew had a meeting until late after school so I tried taking a nap; and while I was about to fall asleep, my classroom door was being unlocked and our maintenance man (plus 2 others) came in completely unannounced.  No knock, phone call or anything - they just busted right in.  I really do hate that about our school.  Some of our classroom keys unlock other classroom doors, and security and maintenance have keys to everyone's room.  So, if I want to change for yoga, nap or pump (later, you know when blueberry arrives) - how do I have any privacy?  It's frustrating and I wish I could put an inside lock on my door or something.  There is seriously  no place to go other than the yucky faculty bathrooms, if you need seclusion.  I've even had other teachers just unlock my door, even when I am pretending I'm not in here!  Your classroom should be a place of uninterrupted solititude if you need it for a bit during the day, and teachers definitely need it!

On another note - Ian finally got his Xbox Live hooked up at our house.  He made an avatar of himself (that has Bieber hair and a goatee for some reason) and sits and chats with his friends with a headset on.

He got Call of Duty:  Black Ops and gets slaughtered by all of the serious gamers out there.  He is getting better though and loves it when I take a break from TV watching so he can play.  He also says he likes it because it is like he is hanging with his friends without having to leave the couch.  Hilar!

(Who is this guy?!)

(Apparently, Zoe guards his phone while he plays.)

And one more funny thing I have to share.  If you know my dad, you know he is super funny and sarcastic, and his humor is definitely where I get mine.  He told me the other day that when blueberry arrives, he wants he/she to just call him Greg.  Seriously, not grandpa, just Greg.  (And if you know my dad, this makes perfect sense.)  So, now that you have a bit of insight about my father, this is what he did after we sent him our ultrasound pic on Monday.  I texted him the pic and said, "Yep, there's really a blueberry in there.  Saw the heart fluttering and all!" And he sent me the pic, below, back and said, "My baby.  My first Jewish rye."  Ha so funny!  Love you dad!  :)

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