Friday, January 14, 2011


How am I 32 years old and have just discovered blogs.  I knew they were out there, but I thought only 16 year old girls wrote them about their hair and boys and other 16 year old stuff.  But, there is in fact a whole blog world out there that I had no idea existed and I am LOVING IT.

My friend Christine started a blog called 600 Sq Ft Home and I loved reading her posts every week, it gave me an insight into her mind and just how witty she is both outside of the the blog world and in it.  Then, our friend Jenny started a blog called Hibbard Kitchen, and I loved reading her posts too about her increasing love of cooking.  These two girls would talk and talk about blogs and what people were posting, writing about, fashion, etc and I had no idea what they were talking about.  I tried to read some of the ones they recommended but was never really into any of them for some reason.

Then, I found out I was pregnant and decided to search around for blogs that had weekly pics, like mine, and talked about what other mamas were going through so I could relate (and not feel so crazy).  The first one I found was my bbff's blog, Ashley's Green Life (that's my blog best friend forever, btw), and that was it for me, I was hooked.  Ashley actually mentioned another blog on hers, My Life in Transition, and so of course once I was caught up on Ashley's I started reading Julia's.  I just read her pregnancy posts (and some a bit after) because I don't want to get too far ahead.  I think it will be fun to read her baby posts when our blueberry is here so I will have other things to relate about.  So, I'm saving the rest of hers for later.  Also, these ladies put up blogs THEY like, and so now I'm searching those seeing which ones I HAVE to read too!  I am completely obsessed and apparently it is a vicious cycle, never ending.

So, for the past 2 weeks all I've been doing at work is reading blogs (when I'm not teaching, of course).  I've resisted the urge to do it at home but I'm sure I will cave eventually.  I am learning all kinds of things, getting all kinds of ideas and becoming more and more excited for blueberry to GROW and just get here already!  Plus, all these ladies are supe cute throughout their whole pregnancy, so it's really a lot to live up to.  The pressure!

Now I know that there are millions (maybe billions?) of blogs out there, but I've decided on at least some factors that they have to have in order for me to really be into them and want to read them.  They can't be like ads with tons of links and pictures to click; they have to be down to earth and relatable.  I also don't really like informative blogs with colors, schemes and ideas; I like actual people, life ones.  I know these blogs are apparently what everyone is into, but I'm really not and think I will stick to the more "people next door" blogs for now.  Like this one looks cute, or even this one, but I think it's too much for me at the moment.  Then, when you show me lists like this, I don't even want to start searching these!  It's overwhelming!  I also like fashion a whole lot, but fashion blogs are hard for me to relate to so I don't even want to bother with them, for now.

I also realized that people purposefully don't put their last name or any real revealing details about themselves in their blogs.  I never thought that by writing this eventually tons of people might be reading it, but I supposed I should have considered it.  I hope that one day my pregnancy posts will be helpful for someone like other's posts have helped me, so I guess I need to consider that people other than friends and fam will be reading this.  So, now I have to go through and edit some things, booooooo!  (Don't get me wrong, I will not edit juicy details or items that may be useful for other preggo ladies, but I will edit our last names, work place info and so on when I can.)

Anyway, I am officially blog-sessed.  (That's blog obsessed if you haven't guessed.)  How am I supposed to get any of these papers graded when all I want to do is read about all my cute blog lady friends and their lives and babies?  Ugh.  

At least it's a three day weekend, plenty of time for blog writing and blog reading (and I also plan on sleeping for most of it)!  Wooooo!  :)


  1. I love Sometimes Sweet, she lives in AZ and is or was an English teacher...she has some mutaul friends of ours too. Not to mention she is super cute. Love her.

  2. Ugh, didn't even click on the other link. Blue Bird Vintage is freakin' fabulous. So adorable. Been reading hers awhile too. Her family is so cute...

  3. I dont doubt that their blogs are good, I'm sure that's why they are so popular. It is just my opinion that they seem too commercial. They have SO many followers, I feel like this loses the appeal of it being a real person and becomes more like they are writing for the masses like a magazine or newspaper. Is it really their thoughts/feelings when they know so many are reading? Doesn't that change what they write a bit? It definitely makes it harder for me to relate to.

    I am not basing my opinion on the people, just the blogs, format and ability to maneuver around when all I want to read right now is the preggo stuff. It's a lot to catch up on when they are really wordy and I haven't been following along for awhile.  I'm gonna stick to small time blogs til I get up enough courage to tackle these. I'm new at this!

  4. Hey Allison,
    Glad there's another blog-fanatic out there as well. I really got into blogs when I went vegan and gluten-free because I loved connecting to real people and the food they ate, instead of just reading about recipes in books. From there it evolved into learning about pregnancy, because once again I did not want to just read about it in books, I wanted to see other people going through it (and find out if all those crazy things like stretch marks, morning sickness, and peeing when you sneeze actually happen when you're pregnant!).

    I am kind of picky with my blog choices as well, I get turned off by the blogs with all the ads, millions of followers, and extra info too, like they're trying to sell stuff or something. I just want to find out about your pregnancy, that's all! Some of them do seem like they're writing for magazines or something, it just makes them hard to relate to.

    As for being blog-sessed, I'm so there too! There's been times that I spend way too long looking at blogs and I develop what I call, "Blog Brain" where I almost have a headache from all the searching, reading, and Googling! Kind of like those "Bing" commericals where people will mention one word and it leads to a reference and then another reference. At that point I usually need to take a nap or do yoga to get my mind onto something else...or just interact with someone else other than my computer! I wish I could tell you the blog obsesion decreases as your pregnancy progress, but I'm at 28 weeks and I still love searching for more blogs! I've been trying to find ones about natural birth/hypnobirth lately and it's kind of hard, I'll let you know if I find any good ones.
    Well, hope you have a nice and relaxing blog-weekend!