Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year Blueberry!

Well, it is officially 2011, crazy.  The older you get time really does go faster and faster.  When I was younger I wished that time flew like it does now, but now that I'm older I wish it would slow down!

We spent New Years with friends at the downtown CityScape New Year's Eve concert where Ian's band, Snake Burner played.  It was such an awesome night but SUPER cold - one of the coldest AZ has ever seen!  I think it was below 40 degrees while we stood out on the street watching the boys play, thank goodness there were heaters!

Jenny and Christie came with me to the show, and we rode the light rail down.  We made a reservations at Cheuvront's in Phoenix (I'm not even going to link to them that's how much we didn't like them!), but found out they had a mandatory $80 New Years menu so we walked south a bit and found Portland's.  It turned out to be really yummy - Christie and I had the pizza and Jenny had a portabello mushroom burger.  The organic green salad was to die for with their yummy vinaigrette dressing.  We bundled up to brave the cold and I did pretty well, but I did need thicker gloves (I know, you twinsies told me!):

Once we got down to CityScape we found our friends and Ian's family and got ready to watch the boys.  The stage was amazing, they had real roadies who help them load and unload and they had a super serious sound check.  When they started playing I got teary eyed, they worked so hard to get to this point, and it was such an incredible opportunity for them.  I know I'm pregnant and am emotional, but these boys are like our family and we see them once a week for practice at our house, so I know how hard they work and how much they like playing together.  It was just amazing to see up there on that big stage!

And here are two vidoes of them.  The first is Power of Love and the second is Shout (both covers, you know the songs):

We got home around 10 (after getting off at the wrong light rail stop!) and then Ian and I had our own New Year's Eve celebration here at the house.  We like just being together on New Years, making a ton of bad food and watching a movie.  It was especially fun this year because blueberry was here to share it with us too.
(olive and cheese plate, jalapeno poppers, melted brie, butter and roasted garlic) 

(Ian's family's holiday staple, little weenies!)

(Matt Turcotte's famous seafood stew!)

I've decided that I am not going to make any New Year resolution(s) this year.  Instead I will try to live in the moment, show gratitude for my life and be the best mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister, cousin and aunt I can be.  :)  This is going to be an exciting year for us - our lives will change and I am both nervous and anxious for it!

Happy New Year little blueberry!  We love you!

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