Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Smokin' Toothache

This morning, at 7:15am, our smoke alarm went off.  Ian shot out of bed and went around and checked the whole house to see what was up.  No smoke anywhere but here's a video reenactment of me, imitating him how he woke up to the alarm (these iPhone 4 videos look pretty crappy on your computer, geez):

It went off again at 9:30 in a different room but still no smoke.  Our house is still standing so it's ok, maybe the batteries were just dying.  So weird.

On another note - last week I "made" Ian go to the dentist for our bi-yearly cleaning.  I had to get a cavity filled too and when they went in they saw it was worse then expected and told me I needed a root canal.  This is when I freaked and cried in my car because I have always heard that root canals are super scary and painful.  My tooth was sore for a bit and then stopped hurting, until three days ago.

I had the worst toothache since Sunday.  It got so sore I couldn't even bite down on it and felt my heart actually beating in my tooth.  I never knew what a toothache felt like and don't ever want to again, it is the worst.  You can't eat, drink or do anything without it throbbing and being pregnant sucks because you can't drink or take anything to numb the pain.  I kept thinking of myself as the alligator in the 1976 children's book by Marguerite Dorian called The Alligator's Toothache, it was one of my favorites when I was little.

I went online and did some research about root canals.   It turns out that they don't suggest pregnant women getting them until their 2nd trimester just in case the anesthesia used (some doctors use epinephrine) could hurt the baby.  So, I decided to head back to the dentist I hate, Dr. Patterson on 3rd Avenue and Osborn, to see what he could do for me.  

I read all of these alternative treatments to root canals like growing your pulp back, cleaning and draining the tooth and so on, but of course when I told him about it he acted like he had no idea what I was talking about.  I also told him that to do this to a pregnant person, when they are already feeling lousy, AND over Christmas was so wrong.  I was almost in tears telling him that I have at least another month in my first trimester and care more about my blueberry then I do about my tooth hurting.

I feel like he put a half-ass filling on my tooth thinking I was going to rush right to the endodontist to get my root canal, so I wanted to go back to see if he could fix it so I could hold out another month.  He ended up just sanding my tooth down (I guess when your gums inflame due to your roots being infected, your tooth drops and becomes more sensitive) and wanting to prescribe me antibiotics.  I told them I hadn't even been to the obgyn yet to check on the baby so I was really weary of taking anything, but they called my ob and got amoxicillian approved for me.  I looked all over online too and this is ok to take while pregnant and ok to take along with your prenatal vitamin.

Started taking it yesterday and today, my toothache is gone!  Still sore, still can't eat on my left side but no more throbbing pain!  I couldn't even get out of bed yesterday or Tuesday but today, feeling amazing!  Hopefully this will hold me over until February when I can get a root canal, still not looking forward to it though.  After that pain I would do anything, however, and even considered knocking my tooth out with an ice skate and rock (like Tom Hanks in Castaway).

Took down our Christmas decorations today because we have a busy weekend coming up with Ian playing two shows.  Can't wait for his New Year's Eve show tomorrow, even though it is going to be COLD!  Also, went in search of snow today and found some in north Scottsdale, it hasn't snowed in town in 20 years.  Drove all the way out on Scottsdale Road past the 101, lots of snow chunks falling on us not just flurries!  Here are some pics:

Feeling lucky that we got to see snow in AZ, it was a great way to end our winter break.  And it was blueberry's first snow!

On a totally other note, got airbrushed tanned today with Christie for the first time (blueberry's first tan) and it was amazing.  Feeling like my old self again, I could get used to this!  Here is my crazy tan line, not wearing anything next time we go:

It was really cold outside today, not looking forward to going back to school if the mornings are like this.  My phone says that right now it is 41 degrees outside and I am currently curled up under a heated blanket (thanks mom!).  Sooooooo soooooo cold!  It finally feels like winter on the last weekend before we go back to school.  Not looking forward to Monday, our first day back after I've already established a "vacation pregnant routine," but AM looking forward to Monday because it is our first doctor's appointment.  Can't wait!  :)

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