Thursday, December 16, 2010

Working Through It

It's strange that we have all of this happening at once.  Blueberry is baking, Ian is playing the biggest show of his life (the downtown City Scape New Year's Eve block party) and it is our last week of school for the semester.  It's one crazy ride right now.

I am feeling ok and haven't thrown up yet.  Only felt bad that one day at the mall, but feel dizzy most days and mostly when I'm hungry.  Hard to go go go like I used to, I try to fight through it but end up napping when I can.  The dizziness goes away with sleep and food.  

I can't seem to stay asleep at night though, and I've always been an "all through the night" sleeper.  Is it because we haven't told anyone but our immediate families and close friends?  Is it because I'm worried about the baby?  About getting sick?  Worried about all of the things we have to do for the house?  WHY CAN'T I SLEEP?  I have no idea . . .

I am out of breath a lot and have to walk slower than I used to.  My stomach also feels bigger than it is, it doesn't look bigger, but feels bigger.  It's also really bubbly and I don't feel like eating and drinking a lot at a time.  I read that if you feel sick, you should eat something, so I've been eating snacks throughout the day.  Supposedly this will keep you from getting being nauseous - small meals often, instead of a few big ones.

I was looking forward to 2 whole days and 2 half days this week, but we lost a teacher so I had to sit in interviews all day today.  I had to dress up and be at school for hours instead of just wearing jeans and teaching an hour, it sucked.  It was interesting listening to strange candidates (who were these people?), but I would have rather been at home, on the couch and in my pajamas.

I am really tired lately too and try to just power through it all the time.  Yesterday I could barely keep my eyes open because I didn't take a nap, so today I made sure I did.  Working out helps, energizes me and keeps me feeling good.  I am going to try to continue to run on the treadmill and do yoga throughout my pregnancy, I hope I can keep it up.

I don't even want to tell you what is so strange feeling on my body right now but I'm sure you can imagine.  It hurts to even shower, they are so sensitive!  I also have like weird crampy pains sometimes, totally annoying.  Let's not even mention the 3 monstrous pimples I have on my chin, you can't see them (they are the hidden kind) but I can feel them - stupid hormones!

Pregnancy is definitely weird but I'm glad I now have TWO WEEKS OFF from work!  WOOOOOOO!

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