Sunday, December 26, 2010

7 Weeks

Today, and for this week only, our baby is officially the size of a BLUEBERRY!  Finally!  

My bestie Christine asked me what I'm going to call the baby when it is no longer the size of a blueberry but instead a lemon, then eggplant and then a honeydew.  I responded with, "He/She will always be a blueberry muffin to me," and when I asked Ian the same thing, he answered with the exact words I said.  Too funny!

Here is my 7 week picture.  I have decided that weekly pictures are kinda funny in the beginning because they don't really show much, but at the end of each trimester we will put them all together and hopefully you can see some progress.  So, at week 12 look for a montage.

(Please forgive these photos.  Most of them are at the end of the day on Sundays when I haven't even brushed my hair or put any make up on all day.  We are also taking them in blueberry's room which is currently filled with random things, and we have to climb over stuff to get a clear spot for a pic.  It's as real as it gets I suppose!)

As I said yesterday, this week was rough and I couldn't have gotten through it without my husband, friends and family.  Here are some other things that made it a bit better:

Sea Bands are all natural, no chemicals.  They apply pressure to your wrist tendons using a small, plastic bead and help with morning sickness.  They feel like sweat bands and the pressure is pretty light, except if you've been wearing them awhile it kind of gets annoying.  I suggest wearing them whenever you go out, just put them on before you go, so you don't get dizzy or nauseous while out and about.  The gum is Sea Band ginger gum, also for nausea, it is amazing.  Both of these I found at CVS.

It is hard to find "all natural" soda now-a-days but I found some.  This is made with real sugar, pregnant ladies should stay away from fake sugar, and has the bubbles which help when your tummy hurts.  I got the cranberry splash and it is delicious.  The only bad thing about it is that it is 160 calories, so drink them sparingly. 

Reed's Ginger Brew (non-alcoholic) and Reed's ginger candy are life savers.  The candy instantly makes me feel better and the brew is bubbly and delicious with 26 grams of fresh ginger and 25% fruit juice.  Very refreshing.

Organic ginger herbal tea from Fresh & Easy with ginger, peppermint, chamomile and spices.  Delicious and spicy! 

Candied dried ginger.  If you don't like the taste of ginger, don't eat this.  If you've had ginger at a sushi restaurant plain, this tastes exactly like that.  I don't mind it, but you can only eat one piece a sitting.  Save it for when you're really feeling bad, trust me.

I only post these recommendations for all of my ladies who will be pregnant after me, offering help in case you need it.  Just want to make sure you all are ok and feeling good!

Had trouble sleeping last night, spoke too soon about being able to sleep through the night on Christmas Eve.  I heard your allergies get better when you're pregnant but last night I felt very allergy-y.  Going to try the humidifier tonight, hopefully that will help.  

It was a very relaxing day today, spent most of the day watching Home Alone 2 and listening to the boys (Snake Burner) get ready for their New Year's Eve show.  Can't wait to hear them play downtown on Friday night - it's gonna be so much fun!  Their New Times page:

Can I also just add one more random thought, I LOVE my Christmas nails.  Got them done on Christmas Eve with my fam and friends at Valley Nails, and am thinking about having them all year round.  They make me happy and feel wintry.  :) 

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