Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Blueberry Moment

Last night at 1am I woke up with the worst cramps.  After getting up for a bit and trying to feel better, I decided to head outside and check out the meteor shower.

So, I left the bathroom light on, shut the door, got my blue snuggie out of the hall closet and snuck out the front door.  I don't even think the dogs heard me.  I parked it on our driveway, closed the snuggie tight around me and laid back to watch.

It was amazing.  I saw about 15 meteors in 15 minutes, and this was right in our own driveway, in the middle of the city lights.  At that moment, I felt like a mother for the very first time.  Just my baby and I, watching the sky, feeling so blessed to be able to experience that . . . together.  I felt like such a lucky girl, laying there, alone, witnessing and creating something magical.

If I didn't have school today I would have driven out to the desert to get a better look, but our driveway was just as good.  When I came back in the house, Ian thought I was a bugler and jumped out at me!  He thought I was in the bathroom the whole time and thought the person coming in was coming to get us.  He looked so cute and strong busting out of our bedroom, it made me feel even more lucky returning to bed with someone so amazing - the father of my baby.

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