Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tears & Hugs

I decided to tell my mom and best girlfriends all at once today.  As I look back, I should have told my mom first but wanted to get her reaction on film like everyone else.

I arranged ahead of time to have my friend Jenny's husband pretend to take a group photo of us where I would then spring the news and catch everyone's reaction.  But, the camera would really be taking a video and he would just hold it and film.  When we got there today, Matt was nowhere to be found and I couldn't hold the news in any longer.

So, I decided to put the camera on a timer and take a picture.  As we were posing, I told them our big news and caught their reaction on film - it was AMAZING!  Here is the pic:

I got all the hugs and tears I had hoped for, I am so lucky to have such wonderful women in my life.  (And, I LOVE that Christie is the only one who still managed to look at the camera!)

My best friend was not at our party because she was camping with her family.  I had to tell her in a really funny way, because she's a really funny girl, so we decided to make her a cookie and leave it at her house for her to see when she gets home.

 She headed home sooner than we thought tonight so I had to rush over and leave it on her chair (with a note that told her to "take a seat").  But, she ended up getting home really late and calling me when she found it, I waited all night for that phone call and it was totally worth it.

I also told my dad tonight.  He seemed excited but he's a guy so it's hard to tell.  I think he will make a wonderful grandpa, even though he won't let us call him that - ever.  :)

Some more pictures from today:

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