Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Have the BEST Girlfriends

(All of my favorite people)

Tonight I invited my girlfriends and their significant others to my family's Christmas party at my Uncle John and Lisa's house.  I have known these girls for almost 17 years, for reals.  I was excited that they could join us at the party.

I told them ahead of time that Lisa LOVES Christmas and has a tree in every room of her house.  So, we decided to wander the rooms and take a picture next to every tree.  I think we found 7 but we missed one in the downstairs bathroom totaling 8.  My mom took some amazing pics on Jenny's camera of us next to 7 of them:

(#1 was in the living room)

(#2 was in the office)

(#3 in the dining room - the biggest one)

(#4 in their bedroom, Christie couldn't believe it!  

 (#5 was in their master bathroom)

(#6 was in the upstairs hall bathroom)

(#7 was hanging on the kitchen cupboard and 
#8 was in the downstairs hall bathroom - we missed one!)

It was a super fun night and I am always happy when I get to see these girls.  I consider myself the luckiest because I have had these ladies in my life for such a long time, and because they are such amazing people.  I could not ask for better friends and it is beyond words how I feel about them.  I hope they know just how much I love them.

Last night, as we were driving to the party, Ian and Christie were talking about blueberry.  Christie asked if Ian was nervous at all about the baby and he said that he's fine with the baby, the only thing he's nervous about is me.  He is worried about my body and being able to handle everything, because my bod appears to be so sensitive (allergies, stomach stuff, etc).  He just hopes that I will be ok during all of this.  It melted my heart to hear him say that, he knows we will make fantastic parents and will be able to do everything for and with this baby, but the one thing he is nervous about is me.  I love him more than anything in the whole world, because of things like this.

Another of my favorite parts of last night was standing outside of the British Open talking with Christine about if we were having a boy or a girl.  I used to always want boys, like Bruce and Cheryl, they made it look so fun and easy.  I didn't want a girl because I used to hear from my mom (when I was being a snotty teenager), "I hope you have a daughter one day who is just like you!"  In my opinion, girls are tough and are hard to deal with from about 12 - 25, but boys are only tough from about 2 - 4.  You also always seeing little girls crying in stores and little boys just taking it easy, playing with a toy.  So, boys just seemed like my best bet so I always told everyone that's what I wanted - 2 or 3 boys, all boys.  But, now that I actually have a blueberry of my own, I really want a little girl.  I want to dress her up in cute clothes and buy her lip gloss and put bows in her hair.  I want a nerdy little girl with glasses who is so cute but so smart so all the boys leave her alone.  When I told Christine this last night she said, "So, you want a girl just like you.  You are a nerd, super smart but totally hot."  It cracked me up!  She also said that if I have a little girl, "it's on" when it comes to outfits and such.  And, THAT is the part I'm super excited about.  I will run out and get some of these in every size and color the minute we find out!

But, I guess she's right, I do want a little girl just like me.  But much nicer to her mother than I was at 16.  ;)   

Don't worry, I now try to tell my mom every day that I am so lucky to have her and that she is my best friend; because she definitely is:

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