Monday, October 17, 2011


Ever since I was little I have had really crazy dreams. Everyone has always told me to write them down but I never have, now I wish I would have.

I have also never been one to see ghosts (unlike my husband) but I do think I have a sense of spirits.   I normally dream about horrible things that happen in places, or get creepy feelings when I walk into somewhere instead of actually seeing anything.  I think sometimes my dreams tell me if something happened somewhere or if something is going to happen.  Maybe I can see things others don't but I see them in my dreams instead. I don't know, and I know it sounds nuts but that's what I've believed since I was little.  I also know that only children usually have bad dreams and maybe it's because we process things on our own instead of with someone else.   I remember having nightmares when I was little and being terrified of falling asleep and have talked to other only children who've said the same thing.  Who knows.

Anyway, I had a really weird dream last night I thought I'd write down because in my bestie's blog she did the same and I enjoyed reading it.  I know that some people hate reading/hearing about other people's dreams so if this is you, stop reading now.  (And, there isn't a lot of punctuation in these posts because that's just how dreams are, get over it.)  :)

I dreamt last night of our house but it wasn't our house (and as I write this, just like when I told Ian this morning, I have the chills because it's so scary).  (I seriously had to stop while writing this because I'm home alone and was too scared!)   Ok so a house that was our house but really wasn't.  I was thinking of our last appraisal, which happened in real life, where the guy said our house wasn't finished and wondering why he said that.  So I went in the other room and it was like a living room that we don't use, and had no furniture in it, and some weird blue tile on the floor.   And I saw the wall, made out of ply wood and realized that's what he meant by unfinished.  The wallpaper was actually peeling off another wall and I ripped it off and it was easy, just one long sheet.  Then, on another wall, there was so faux finish made of wood and that just peeled right off too, but a thick layer, and behind it someone tried to cover up a bathroom.  It had insulation and plywood over like a full bathroom, with a tub and shower, and a door that had also been covered.

It was weird because I had never noticed it before.  No wonder our appraisal said "unfinished."  There was also a hidden corner that you turned and went down a flight of stairs to a basement that wasn't a basement at all, but a preschool.   A very old and scary preschool with tiny desks and dusty books.  Not just a preschool under our house but two, huge rooms that were really like warehouses with lots of old toys and kid things everywhere.   But the first thing we saw when turning the corner was a small boy in a wheelchair with long hair, but he really wasn't a boy, he was a doll I think, but looked real.   He rolled away as we walked down and Ian pulled a sign off the fridge that said something like, "Hi I'm Chris, come introduce yourself," written on cardboard in little kid handwriting.  He was scary and as he rolled away we never saw his face but I had a feeling I had seen him before, in dreams (dreams within my dream).  Like I had been sleeping, many nights, and he had been looking in our room at us through the crack in our door, like I had seen him before.   But there were stairs, how could he get up them?  And wasn't he a doll?   Soooooooo creepy.

Both rooms had two warehouse rolling doors that opened and outside it was raining and there were other warehouses with people working.  We also had our own forklift, apparently, that came with the warehouse that someone else was using and returned to us (driving it while wearing my sweater on just one arm) and told us about our old preschool beneath our house.   Acting like he had known all along, and us never realizing.

I immediately started thinking how great this was, a place for band practice, for all of our stuff - somewhere to throw parties!  We could clean it out, dust the rooms, get rid of all the creepy stuff, through some white paint everywhere and make it modern and cute - and our house was probably worth WAY more than we thought with this underneath!  But Ian wasn't so into it.  He was creeped out by the kid/doll and didn't want anything to do with it.

Then, I woke up.  So weird.

The night before I had a dream that I was late to a flight for a family trip to Hawaii and I had to walk on the freeway for some reason and a guy wouldn't let us through to get there in time.  I also got to the desk and didn't have my ID and as I was looking I woke up.  I was in the worst mood and super stressed when I woke up, I couldn't get it together for like 30 minutes and couldn't even tell Ian about it without feeling rushed.  Totally indicative of our recent trip to Seattle/Portland, more on this later.

And, when I was younger, I had two dreams I can remember.  I lived in an apartment just out of high school with a lot of people and always thought that place was haunted.   Electronic things would go off by themselves and other weird things would always happen so we were all convinced.  I had a dream one night that someone was shot multiple times in one of the rooms and as one of my roommates dragged her body past my room, I closed my eyes not to see her head all mangled as it went by.  I think that really happened there, for sure.

When I first moved to Arizona we lived in an apartment that was 4 apartments away from the one we lived in for 8 years all through high school.  We only lived there a year but I had a dream there that STILL freaks me out.   I dreamt of a young girl who had 3 fingers on one hand and 30 fingers on the other and scratches all over her face.  She was IN that apartment and something happened to her, I KNOW it.   She was just trying to tell me through my dreams.

Dreams are so strange.   My grandma actually wrote a dream book, it was published and I have a copy, because maybe she had crazy dreams too.  Maybe it runs in the family.  I used to look mine up online but stopped for some reason, maybe because how the heck do these people know what our subconscious is doing?!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed these, they were WAY creepier in person (well, in dreams), and they always seem so real at the time.   I invite you to share a creepy one of yours below, I'd be interested to see if anyone else dreams such crazy things!

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