Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Your Wish is My Command

Today was a great day.  Everything I've thought of just happens.  

All  morning I was trying to get a hold of my friend, another teacher, and didn't know if she was at school or not.  I even called her house and her cell, and needed to talk to her about a training tomorrow.  Then, she answered her office phone.  But that wasn't the strange part - after that, I kept seeing her over and over again.  On my way to get copies, leaving the bathroom, it was like I thought of her and then she appeared.  

When I got to school today, after being gone yesterday because I can't shake this stupid cold, the sub told all of my classes (170 students) that I wouldn't be back all week.  All day I had to tell them, over and over again, that I only called in for one day and she didn't know what she was talking about.  Then, I get an email saying that I have a mandatory training for our school website, I help build it, and I have to be gone tomorrow.  It was like the universe knew.

For my training I had to gather a bunch of information about our school and thought, there's no way everyone is going to be able to get me this stuff today, it will take forever and I will be stuck for 8 hours tomorrow with nothing to do.  But, everyone in the office that I ran into, including the Principal, had it all ready for me and sent it off in an email at moment's notice.  How weird is that?

It doesn't seem like much but things just seem to be falling into place.

I even made Ian wish for what he wanted most, his chest to feel 100% better, today just in case it is just one of those days.  He woke up this morning and said, "I feel better today then I have since January."  It made my morning!  I guess this day just started off good.  I held hands with him and made a wish myself too.

It's like I ask and the universe listens today.  Ever have days like this?  So enjoyable!

So, I'm asking for bigger things, hoping today is my lucky day and if I ask for it, it will come to me.  I'm writing it down, cementing it in, putting it out there.  So here goes . . . guess what my wish is universe . . . I'm leaving it all up to you!

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  1. Looking back at this post on June 29th, 9.5 months pregnant tomorrow, and it's funny because I was pregnant while I wrote it and didn't even know it. On November 1st I found out I was pregnant again and so all of October I was growing a lemon and had no idea. So funny to look back and read your old posts, especially one like this! I got my wish. :)