Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some New Furry Ladies

Did I tell you that Hammy our hamster died?  Did you even know we owned a hamster over the summer?  I can't remember if I told you, but dwarf hamsters only live 1-2 years and I think Hammy was old when we inherited him.  

(R.I.P. Hammy)

Petco and PetsMart have a Pets in the Classroom grant that you can apply for (Kindergarten through 6th grades only I think) and Ian and I decided to apply for his classroom.  He teaches Special Education Community Skills at the same school that I work at and part of his new curriculum is about animals.  So, we filled out the form, even though it is for a high school class, and hoped for the best.  He ended up getting the grant and because we couldn't wait, we headed to the pet store.

And, enter Julie into our lives.  When I saw her, I fell in love.  She is a regular sized hamster and is a really cute grey and white and I knew we had to have her when I saw her.  (She is currently running on her wheel like crazy, in the kitchen, as I type this.)  She was immediately lovable and rolled on her back when I pet her, just like a dog.  I hope to one day be her best friend and give her lots of cuddles (and feed her popcorn on a piano).

(This is Julie's new home, a two story mansion.  We are ridiculous, I know.)

So, after I decided that Julie was NOT the school hamster, Ian had to still get a hamster for his classroom.  So, once his free coupon came for a house and half off a hamster, we went back to the pet store and found Robin, a robo dwarf hamster and the smallest little girl I've ever seen.  She is truly a little, white cotton ball and she's really lovable because she is so young.  I've never held a hamster in my life but I held Robin, and it was SO MUCH FUN.

(An all pink house for the smallest, little girl.) 

(So exciting!)

(Just a cotton puff of cuteness!)

(Dual runners when Robin comes home on the weekends.)

Why do two adults with no children now own two hamsters?  I'm not sure, but we are totally enamored with them.  Hamsters are great pets, so go out and get your own, you WON'T be disappointed.

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