Thursday, December 15, 2011

Babes of Winter: Cookie Making Party II

This past Saturday my best girlfriends and I got together for our 2nd Annual Christmas Cookie Making Party!  We invited some moms to join in the fun and even some guys later on, and it ended up being a really great morning!  (Check out this post from last year's cookie making party.)

I wanted to make gluten free gingerbread men (my friend Jenny's recipe modified), gluten free cookie press cookies and gluten free Italian cookies.  It turned out to be too many cookies for the time we had together so I ended up just getting the gingerbread men and cookie press ones done (and later this week my mom brought over the Italian ones for us!).  Jenny's gingerbread men were always my favorite at Christmas and last year she modified her recipe to make it vegan and this year I modified it to make it gluten free.  They turned out DELICIOUS and I ate almost all the ones I made - oops!

We had a wonderful morning baking and just being together.  As you get older your friends, and you, get busier and it is harder and harder to get everyone together.  I am so lucky to have these ladies in my life (I know I have said this MANY times before), and I love it when we all can be together.  I also am a super lucky girl to have such a great relationship with my mom, she is my best friend and I LOVE spending time with her too!

Thank you, Jenny, for having us over (again) and thanks mom and Jenny for some of these great pics!

(June and Phoenix)

(Me, yep I'm in strapless dress in December!  Gotta love Arizona!)

(Me and Jenny)

(Me and Christie)

(I have no idea why I'm laughing.)

(Christine and her mom, Gail.)

(Me and my mom.)

(Every year we forget how to use the cookie press and then figure it out.)

(Christine making her baklava.)

(You seriously have no idea how good their "crack corn" is.  There is a reason they call it that!)

(See!  I couldn't resist!)
(Espen, Christine's son, sampling the "crack corn."

(Christine and her lover, Jeremy.)

(Espen helping me decorate . . . )

( . . .and getting tattooed by Christie!)

(Phoenix even helped a bit!)

(He was the BEST roller!)

(I would marry this lady, that's JUST how much I love her!)

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