Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . .

We got our tree a couple of weeks ago but just found time to decorate it early last week.  It was a big one this year (Ian always forgets we only have 8 foot ceilings!) and the guy at Lowe's cut it funny so we had to make some adjustments when we got home (Ian was NOT happy).  I think I heard the words, "God damn Christmas" come out more than once while we were trying to get it to fit in the tree stand straight.  Ian definitely has a love/hate relationship with decorating for Christmas!

(Don't ever get your tree wrapped up with netting, it is a PAIN to get off!)

(We struggled with it forever!)

(After a week, we finally got around to hanging some lights.)


(We got a crooked tree this year, but it's still beautiful!)

A couple of Saturdays ago, Snake Burner, Ian's band, played their annual Christmas show.  For a few years in row now they have always played around Christmas, and we were SO looking forward to this super fun show!  (Check out my post from last year when they played in downtown Phoenix at City Scape's New Years Eve!) 
(best friends)

(All of my ladies came out to support Ian and stayed until almost 2am!  They are awesome!)

(Christie and Marisol)

(And, Christie was doing tattoos again - even on my mom's chest!)

And, a clip from the show, they practiced Chrismas songs for weeks!

Last weekend, Jenny and Matt had a Christmas party at their house.  I was SO excited to have something fun to do where all of our friends would be at, and it turned out just like I thought!  Lots of food and friends to celebrate with!  We had a blast!

(Christine and Jeremy)

(Me and the hubs.)

(Our lovely acupuncturist and friend Mayo, who snuck cookies in her purse for her hubby!  If you are in the market for an acupuncturist in Phoenix with fair prices, see my previous post about her practice.)

(Someone brought the twins fake snow, in a can, and it was the weirdest thing we had ever seen!)

(Seriously smelled awful and felt weird!)

(Tozzi came to the party too, we love him!)

(Our lovely hosts.)

(The best picture I think I've ever taken.  Love it!)

 So, here we are, our last day of school.  I can't wait to have 2 weeks off, it has been a crazy past few months and I'm tired!  We have so many plans for the rest of the week until Christmas, I am excited to spend our days/nights with family and friends.  We even have some special people coming in from out of town, I can't wait to see Kimberly and Andrea (pics to come, I'm sure)! 

I hope that you enjoy your time off this holiday season and don't let the craziness of Christmas get you down.  It's all about spending time with those you love, don't forget that.  Happy holidays to you and yours my friends!

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