Sunday, January 22, 2012

4 Months!

I always think of a million things to write about all week long and then when I'm finally ready to write I ask myself, "What was that I was going to say?  What have I even been doing this week?"  And then I start writing and it just all comes out, scattered, but here it is.

4 months, 16 weeks - can you believe it?!  We can't sometimes and that's why on more than one occasion at the beginning of the week I listened to the lemon's heartbeat on our doppler just to make sure he/she was still in there, growing away.  The 2nd trimester is amazing, as they all say, but you really don't feel pregnant, aside from the belly.  Your lady parts are less sore, your energy has returned and you feel just like your old self.  Thank goodness for that doppler or I would be freaking out!
On Monday Ian made me walk almost 2 miles to Big Lots by our house to get BBQ sauce for our organic, grass-fed steaks we were making that night.  I was fine most of the way and then on our way home I started getting kind of dizzy and tired but made it.  (I guess that's when you remember that you're pregnant!)  I cancelled yoga Tuesday, met my dad for dinner, said goodbye to my mom (she's in Hawaii, lucky duck), walked the zoo with friends and spent a relaxing weekend here at home cleaning and getting ready for this next week.  Oh and we went to a dog show by our house, Paws for a Cause, and I had never seen anything like it in real life (not on TV I mean).  

(Walking the zoo with delicious kettle corn!)

Ian and I were driving home from school on Friday, trying to make it so that we could walk the zoo before it closed, and saw a sign that said Dog Sporting Event Public Welcome.  How could we not check it out?  We drove by and the dogs were out training, and it looked fun, so we decided to go back on Saturday to see the events.  Christie and I walked there, Jeremy and Espen met us and later Ian and Tozzi met us too.  We saw dogs jumping into a pool, dogs chasing a remote-controlled squirrel, dogs doing an obstacle course, and dogs relay racing - it was SO COOL.  I brought Zoe and she had a blast, but the old lady was tired by the time we got home.  I was tired too and napped on the couch!

I even found a food truck there called Pizza People that had gluten free 10 inch pizzas that were DELICIOUS (me waiting in line, above).  So delicious in fact that I ate half pizza there and then we got one to go and ate another half when I got home.  Weird that just on Wednesday I was googling "2nd trimester not hungry" and now I was eating a whole pizza for lunch by myself!  Funny how things change so fast when you're growing a baby!

I haven't done a post on food lately but did make some yummy things this week so I thought I'd include them.

(Applegate wheat free corn dogs from Whole Foods, awesome.  Try the Applegate organic bacon too, we made BLTs with it and they were to die for!)

(Got some organic sausages from Whole Foods too and cut them up in rice pasta, broccoli and onions.)

(Here are our steaks - turned out SO GOOD with mushrooms and squash from the grill!)

(Organic pork chops with veggies from the grill, I season them with only garlic powder, salt, pepper and apparently nutmeg - see below!)

(Made salads on Friday with the leftover pork chops, so good but we could barely finish them, they were huge!  Sorry about the hair but this is me at home!)

Pregnancy related news?  Let's see, I wake up to pee twice a night and Ian got me a night light so now I don't even have to turn on the light or shut the door (awesome because it's a pocket door that makes noise when it shuts).  Sometimes I wake up starving in the middle of the night and have to eat fruit snacks in order to go back to sleep so now I keep them by the bed just in case.  Ian thinks it's the most hilarious thing when he wakes up to me crinkling the fruit snack wrapper.  (He also thinks it's hilarious when I use nutmeg to season our pork chops instead of pepper, so hilarious he posted a pic on his Facebook!)  

I was sitting at my desk earlier this week, at school, and felt a poke, from the inside, and it clearly wasn't gas but I'm not sure if it was baby because I have no idea what that is supposed to feel like.  No flutters or anything but some popcorn popping or tapping for sure has happened, just don't know if it's food or not.  I know it is early but I hope to feel more movement this week, maybe that will stop me from having to check on baby with the doppler all the time!  I did, however, on Friday wait until really late at night to listen, I was just so calm and relaxed all day (and feel all of your happy thoughts) that I didn't feel the need to listen, I just knew he/she was ok.   

Speaking of feeling the love, I hope that you all read my post thanking you for your good vibes, I truly do feel them every day.  We both do and are so happy we have all of your love and support.  Speaking of, doesn't today carry a special date?  (More on this in my next post.)


  1. That's too funny about your fruit snacks! I used to do the same thing when I was pregnant. I would wake up so starving. My food of choice: Rice Chex cereal. Such a quiet snack right?! I'd go in the other room, eat a few handfuls and then come back to bed. Things we do for our babies...or that our babies to us!

    Love your weekly shots by the way, such a unique way to do it. It really captures your awesome pregnancy glow! ( :

  2. I know this post is over one year old but I've just come across this blog and it's been helpful!
    We too lost our first pregnancy at around 6 weeks, just a few days after finding out actually, funny how even though I am a nurse, I never thought it would happen!
    I'm about 10 wks now (fingers crossed) and ravenous. Seriously cannot stop stuffing my face at night! These snacks are a great idea for when I wake up hungry and can't fall back asleep.

    1. Thanks for reading Mel!

      I am so sorry for your loss, this post seems like decades ago even though it was just a couple of years, you will look back and think the same thing I bet. Congrats on the new pregnancy!! Glad I can help and keep me posted on how baby #2 is doing! :) xoxo

    2. Oops, not a couple of years, only over a year! See, time flies!! :)