Sunday, December 30, 2012

3rd Annual Cookie Party!

So, every year, for the past three, my girlfriends, some of our moms and I have gotten together to make holiday cookies.  This year, we did it again.  For a glimpse into the past here are cookie parties one and two.

This year, as opposed to the other two, I was not pregnant and got to bring Lemon with me!  It was so much fun finally being able to bring my muffin and to have a tangelo mimosa while baking!  My mom came too and our friend from Oregon, Cheryl, and fun was had by all.  I made gluten free gingerbread men, recipe on last year's post, and Ian and I ate them all in about a week - so good.  This day starts the holidays around our house and I look forward to it every year, so fortunate to have my besties around to do things like this with.  My friends, in these photos, I have known for almost 20 years.  I have written about them many times on this blog and am so thankful to have them in my life  I am so very lucky.

(Jenny found Lemon a fair isle sweater at an antic shop - it fit her PERFECTLY!)

Being an only child means that my friends are like my family.  Only children get to pick the family they surround themselves with and I have picked a number of wonderful people to have in mine, and Lemon's life.  A member of my family needs your prayers and happy thoughts right now, she is going through a rough time again.  Please think of my friend from time to time if you are the praying type.  Depression is a very serious illness and and she has battled with it for years, and we have been there too, fighting to keep her here with us.  Depression, as you know, not only affects those who are depressed, but everyone who loves those people - and that is definitely us.  I am afraid that if she doesn't get the help she needs she won't be here to celebrate another holiday with us.  We love you, friend, and are always here for you, always.  We hope you get better soon so you will be here for years to come.  xoxo

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