Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1st Birthday Trip: Day Five

I can't believe we've been here 5 days, it truly seems like we just got here! Our baby slept all night last night, hallelujah, so she slept from about 8:30-6:30. I heard her wake up and chirp a couple of times but she just went back to sleep.

These beds are not comfy at all and we missed our trailer bed, which was surprisingly comfy, when we both woke up sore today. But I like these firm pillows and unlimited water is my fav still so whatever, I do miss our beach view but here we are just a short walk from the harbor so that's fun too.

Fed my baby girl and then she climbed all over me and thought it was the funniest.

We went for a walk on the beach after Lemon and I shared some delicious strawberry shortcake gluten free oatmeal (I will post a link when I get home, I've never seen this brand in AZ and it is AMAZING!). I found a ridiculous amount of sand dollars you guys, like over 100, but guess what? They were all still purple and furry so I had to throw them back!!! I collected so many, threw so many back, that I started feeling like some sand dollar vigilante and had to actually stop walking on the beach and head back because I was feeling bad about not being able to save them all! It was so dumb, I didn't find a single one that had dried out and turned white, annoying.

After Lemon's hour nap I decided to lay out all of her 4th of July outfits so that I could start planning when she'd where which one. Last year we had to stay at the hospital until the 4th because Lemon was born so late on the 2nd, and I didn't have a single 4th of July outfit for her, even though it's my favorite holiday (but she wasn't supposed to come until the 7th!). So this year, I was prepared and my mother-in-law bought her the cute dress at the top!

We decided on a simple romper since today was only the 3rd:

And it was finally sunny (the sun didn't come out except for maybe an hour yesterdayat 5pm  (June gloom still?) so Lemon went for a walk around the hotel.

Our good friend Will, and my bestie in Oregon (Matt's) cousin, lives 15 minutes from Coronado so we met him at the Kensington Cafe. The neighborhood was super cute, reminded me of Portland, and the food was DELICIOUS (I had a pear salad with chicken and Ian had a soy chorizo taco and said it was the best taco he's ever eaten!). Lemon had black beans, corn, avocado and some gf crackers.

Um have I mentioned how in love I am with the San Diego flowers? They are amazing! Ian loves the succulents here but the flowers just kill me.

After a walk to the hardware store from our hotel (Ian is making rings like crazy), Lemon was ready for another nap. Ian volunteered to stay with her while I went to the beach alone to try to catch the sun. But of course it went away and the two hours I was there it was gloomy and cold again. I want Arizona heat but with an ocean, is that possible?

I had to parallel park and I was nervous because I've never done it before, never. But it only took me one try and look how awesome I did?! (And I got a KILLER spot!)

These started popping up today in celebration of the 4th. They are written on the roads with SAND. So freaking cool.

Coronado rules because even on the day before a holiday, when you think the beach will be absolutely nuts at 3pm, it's not that crowded, unlike other San Diego beaches.

More sand embellishments:

Oh and here's our hotel, the Coronado Inn: 

The parade is at 10am tomorrow and goes right in front of our hotel. I got the last parking spot, there's only like 8, today so we decided to leave the car and set out on foot tonight and tomorrow. Lemon only slept an hour again and we wanted to go to dinner since we will pretty much be out of luck tomorrow, too crowded, so we walked a mile to a new place called Leroy's. 

When we got to the restaurant they asked if we had a reservation, we didn't, and told us we would be able to get in until 8:30 (it was 5:45). We told them never mind and were about to leave but then the hostess came out and said she actually had a table available but Wed have to be done by 7:45. She was so sweet to accommodate us and Ian thinks it was because Lemon looked so cute in her "little sparkler" outfit!

The very elusive, lately, scrunchy face:

I got a super delicious, and huge, mojito, and one of the most amazing pork chops I've ever had with carrots, broccoli and potatoes. Ian had a burger and fries and Lemon had fries, potatoes, cheese, avocado and some pork chop. We met a super sweet family from here, with a 6 month old, and the woman actually was the director of Special Education for the Temecula Valley school district and her husband was a police officer. They were awesome and she basically told Ian that if he moved to Temecula he'd have a job. Maybe . . .

Ate it before I took a pic, it was THAT GOOD (and I may have been a little drunk!).

We walked back and by the time we got Lemon showered and in bed it was 8pm. Now she's asleep on me and it's 9, time for me to text Ian, he's outside, to come put her in the pack n' play. 

We have an extremely noisy neighbor who keeps slamming his door (and banging against the wall, and who also has a giant, barking dog, so wish us luck tonight on sleep!

I am beyond excited for Lemon to see fireworks tomorrow, I can hardly stand it! 

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  1. Hi Allison! I've been loving your birthday celebration for Lemon, and am SO jealous of your Coronado vacation. I, too, love it there! I was wondering though, Lemon's little alligator walker, is it vintage, or did you buy it somewhere we might be able to snag one?! That is the coolest one I've seen. Enjoy the rest of your trip! Mallory