Monday, July 1, 2013

1st Birthday Trip: Day Three

Where are the days going, this trip is flying by! 

Lemon slept all night last night from around 8:30pm to 6:30am. it was awesome and we all needed the sleep. the bed in this trailer is surprisingly comfy with our egg crate topper on it, and we are kind of sad that we are heading to our normal hotel tomorrow, with rock hard beds.

This morning we walked in the beach again and then while Lemon was napping, after breakfast, I went out by myself for an hour. I am a shell collector, it's my favorite, and today I found some good ones, including two sand dollars. I had to brave the ocean for them and it was annoying (kept coming so I couldn't grab them!) but I loved being out there!

No makeup, 7:30am.

Taste testing shells again.

So many jelly fish, more than I've ever seen before. Proof of global warming (look it up!).

Tried to take a pic of the sea glass and sand dollar I found yesterday, then dropped my phone on it! Glad I found two more today!

We realized we had no drinking water so after her nap (which was about an hour and 15 minutes) we headed to Von's. Lemon loved my dad's stroller that we borrowed for the trip, she kept kicking her legs and laughing, I have no idea why.

Lunch was leftovers and gf organic chicken strips and cheese for Lemon.

Then the sun came out so we headed to the beach!

Of course she tried to flash my boobs in front of everyone, then gave me raspberries on my stomach. It was just the 2 of us for a bit until Ian joined us (a bit, even if it's a tiny bit, of alone time is a must when you're sharing only 26 feet!). The beach in front of the RV park is part of the whole beach but not as crowded because it's just the campers and their families. We had an ocean view for 2 days because no one was in the spot in front of us and even when they did pull in there's a walkway so we still see the beach, so rad. (Reminder, get spot 227 or 228 next year if we can't get the first row.)

Open mouth tongue kisses are the best!

Loves eating sunscreen and toothpaste tubes. Those curls!!

Letting go and standing on her own today!

Hates dry sand, it's SO funny!

See, she wouldn't put her other foot down in it!! 


Perfect weather for just a little bit and then it got cold. Not as windy as yesterday, when sand was blowing into our trailer, but definitely colder. Boooo! 

45 minute afternoon nap, not long enough but the barking wiener dogs in the trailer next to us woke her up. Trailer life is tough for naps/early bedtime, lots of noise even with a sound machine.

Another walk after her nap to kill some time. Everyone here loves her, but how could they not?!

We decided to do dinner out tonight since we may not be able to tomorrow for her birthday, so we went to our fav restaurant on Coronado, Burger Lounge.

The salads are AMAZING (ate it before I snapped a pic!).

Lounge burger, no bun.

This girl gets so distracted now when we are out, it's hard to get her to eat!

We came home around 6:15, packed up a bit and then gave Lemon a shower. Her hair is so curly here and I noticed tonight just how much it has grown in. I used to always wonder if she'd have hair and now she does, and I love it! (Blurry pic courtesy of Ian:) 

Tomorrow we have to be all packed up, and have to clean the trailer by 10am. Our hotel won't check us in until 3pm and it's Lemon's actual birthday. I tried to see if they could pick up our trailer later (beach check out is 12), or if we could check into our room early but the people were kind of rude because "[they] are busy, it's a holiday"). I'm not really sure why they can't call us when our specific room is ready, just in case it's before 3, but maybe I will try calling again tomorrow. So, we will have a full car and a no napping baby from 10-3 tomorrow, her actual birthday. What should we do?

It's almost 8 and it's so bright in this trailer that I have to let this baby climb all over me on the bed until it gets dark. Last night she fell asleep on my neck, super sweaty, with one finger on my nipple (her MO), wish I could post the pic (ha!)! Ian had to come in and carry her into the pack 'n play. I hope she passes out soon because we all have a big day out and about tomorrow!

Wish us another good sleeping night, your happy thoughts sure worked for us last night! 

(Oh and I'm blogging on my phone because there's no wifi here, so I will center captions and stuff later, can't in the app. Also am not spell checking, because no one has time for that, will do it later too!)

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  1. I have been following you on Instagram but just found your blog and am excited to follow along here, too. :)

  2. Looks like you guys are having so much fun!!

  3. You guys look like you had a BLAST! I soooo wish we lived closer because I have this feeling that we'd be like the best of friends and our husbands would be off in their own goofy beer drinking world while we drank our own beers and shopped at Target (They let beers in Target in this imaginary scenario) and taught Noah and Lemon to give each other kisses. LOL!!!