Friday, July 5, 2013

1st Birthday Trip: 4th of July

We had kind of a rough night last night, a wakeup about an hour after going to bed that resulted in cuddling with us in our bed for awhile which has never happened before, and which I kind of loved. Then throughout the night we had some fussing but she mostly slept straight through. We decided to take it easy this morning because we knew the parade would start at 10 and it goes right outside of our hotel.

We all napped, Lemon for about an hour and us for 30 minutes, until drums and trumpets woke is up right before 10. Lemon woke up happy, I just found her sitting in her crib, so we put her in the dress that Ian's mom bought her, SO CUTE, and walked right out to the hotel's driveway with a blanket to watch the parade.

Coronado Star Wars Society

Ian snuck Lemon in the parade, along the side, while everyone was stopped at the light. They didn't close the cross traffic streets so the parade took FOREVER.

Wouldn't you know it was our first sunny day in awhile and we were stuck without a car watching the boring parade. Would have been a great beach morning! Lemon got hot, even with sunscreen, so we took her in to our room to cool off. Ian cut her some watermelon, we put her in something comfy, and headed back out. But this time we sat in a shady driveway spot.

We didn't have much for lunch and if was around noon so we walked to our market to get something to eat for lunch and dinner since we knew our car wouldn't be available all day. Oh and this is the AMAZING gluten free oatmeal I told you about, comes in single serving packets:

I ended up buying over $100 worth of food (I get a little crazy when I find gluten free stuff I've never had before) and we made lunch. Lemon had gf chicken strips and cheese and we had Greek salads, cheeses, salami and crackers.

Lemon got sleepy while she ate so we moved ours outside so she could nap. It actually turned about to be her longest nap on this vacation yet, over 2 hours! 

We had the monitor and net some awesome peeps. But, the only picture I have of them happens to be a video shot from Heads Up (do you have this app, so fun!)!

We thought Lemon woke up but then she slept another half hour so we moved by our room and just hung out some more. I was bummed I didn't get to take advantage of the sun so popped in our room to put on my bikini and she popped up! We decided to take her swimming since the sun was shining but the minute I got out there with my suit on, the clouds came! I can't seem to catch a break this trip!

Everywhere we go, everyone loves Lemon. She makes friends all over the place and waves to everyone like crazy (also says "hi dogs" to everyone, even if there are no dogs around!).

Swimming didn't last long because Daddy and Lemon got cold so we were back inside to make dinner. Lemon put on her last 4th of July outfit and we were out at the BBQ to cook pork chops. We saw our friends again so they got to meet Lemon up close and she really liked their little boy, Wyatt.

After dinner (pork chops and potatoes for us, mac and peas for Lemon) we decided to head down by the bay to see just how crowded it was for the fireworks. It was 6:30 and actually not too bad so I left our blanket with a nice, young couple and we came back to give Lemon a bath, put her in pjs and then watch fireworks!

We got back to our blanket at 7:30 and fireworks started at 9 so we brought toys and Lemon played on my phone.

Our hotel friends found us and Ian went to get baby snacks and the iPad and it was awesome killing time with new friends.

Lemon and Wyatt

I packed up our stuff before the show started just in case Lemon cried because it was loud and we had to head back. But, this easy going girl of ours didn't make a peep when the first fireworks went off, she just sat in my lap and started at them, sometimes waving, pointing and yelling to them too. It was awesome to see her love fireworks as much as I do, and she sat and watched the whole 20 minute show.

The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday and I LOVE watching fireworks. Even though it's almost 11 and Lemon just went to sleep at 10:45, it was so worth it.  We debated not taking her because she really doesn't sleep well when she's up late but I'm so glad we did. Sitting, with her in my lap, watching fireworks, was something I dreamed of while she was still in my belly. This 6 night trip is coming to an end tomorrow but it has been such a wonderful experience for our little family. And I'm so happy I stuck with blogging about it each night because I want to remember it forever. (Even though I have uploaded all of these pics, one by one, and have typed all of these with my thumb while everyone else sleeps!) I also wanted to show mamas what traveling with a one year old was like, because I wondered myself before we left. 

We have had an incredible time celebrating our girl's first birthday and I am so lucky to be here, on the gorgeous island, holding the daughter I never thought I'd have but always wanted, in my arms on my favorite day of the year. Hope you all felt just as lucky tonight, happy 4th!

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