Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tea Box Express {Review & Giveaway}

{The giveaway mentioned in this post ended on 10/17, check the comments to see if you won!}

I recently had a chance to review a brand new company called Tea Box Express.  They are a subscription box service that calls themselves a "party in a box" and they contacted me to review their "tea box," offer my readers a coupon code and host a giveaway.  Scroll down to see how you could win your very own Tea Box!

Here is some information about their company:
Tea Box Express is the brainchild of Andrea Reese, a New York City based entrepreneur who chooses caffeine as her drug of choice, and tea as her favorite source. She owns a shipping store and edits the website Black Tea World. Tea Box Express was born when her love of tea got mixed in with her entrepreneurial spirit. The result is an exciting box of quality tea and fun “tea things” that any fan of tea will be thrilled to open. Andrea enjoys running, cupcakes, and three cups of tea per day.
And here is what you get in your monthly box:
Each month’s box will feature a new, unique theme to encourage customers to delight in the tea experience, along with superior quality tea and neat accessories. Tea Box Express has partnered with some of the best brands to ensure that each new box is full of treats that will excite tea lovers and tea novices alike.
Some "fast facts about Tea Box Express:"
It is $25.50 for a month to month subscription, $74 for a 3 month subscription and $139 for a 6 month subscription.  Shipping is an additional $5.99 a month.  The boxes are only currently available in the US and you will receive 1 high quality tea plus 3-4 accessories per month.  The deadline to order each box is the 1st of each month and each box ships on the 15th of each month.

The box I received from them is their October 2014, premier box and it's theme was "Bee Happy."  It contains "gourmet honey, bee-inspired accessories" and also "promotes positivity by encouraging customers to reflect on the happy parts of their lives."

 (The underside of the card featured above.)

I was really excited when this company contacted me because I can't drink coffee so I am a daily (sometimes twice) tea drinker.  My tea of choice is usually Chai tea but I was excited to get this box and try whatever tea they included for me, and to see what other goodies I would get as well!
The tea I received with my box was Teatulia, 100% organic whole leaf black tea (read more about it on the label, pictured above).  It came as individual, loose leaf, tea bags and I was happy it wasn't totally loose leaf tea (that would have been something I am unfamiliar with!).  The container of honey included was cute, and super yummy too.  The mixture of the two together was delish! 

I also received this honey stirrer and teapot shaped mini plate to put your stirrer on when you are done with it, also super cute (see plate pictured, above).

The tea and honey were delicious and I did enjoy my little tea accessories!  Ian had to eat my bee cookie because it wasn't gluten free and although it looked delicious he said it was probably meant to be dipped in tea, so he made coffee (he doesn't drink tea) and dipped it.  :)

Overall, this box was great!  I loved the tea, the honey was good and the accessories were cute.  (I also would have loved a gluten free bee cookie to try!)  The best part of the box, though, was the message behind it.  There are so many boxes out there with so many gimmicks, I really think that these companies have to set themselves apart and I believe that this one did.  They had a card, inside the box, where you could record your "happy list" and they had a note on the box that read, "Positive feelings affect us in positive ways."  I am actually a firm believer in this attitude of gratitude and although I found it a bit funny, writing my list for this review, it is lovely to see it pictured below and it does make me happy.  The idea is that you look at your list, create a positive feeling inside, and keep your positivity going, to bring more happiness into your life (or you can look at it when you're feeling down, they also said).  A great message behind such a simple, yet delicious, box of tea and accessories.  I like it!

So, what does your list look like?  Want to win an October Tea Box Express box of your own?  Follow Tea Box Express on either Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, follow my blog and comment below with THREE things that would be on your  "Happy List."  (I actually want to see other things besides family and friends, so tell me something that makes you happy, aside from those!)  If you'd like to order your own Tea Box Express box for next month, head over to their website and use the code BLUEBERRY20 for 20% off your order!

Giveaway ends on Friday at 5pm MST, good luck!  Thank you Tea Box Express!

{I received a Tea Box Express box from the company, free of charge, but all opinions expressed in this review are solely my own.}

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  1. A secret admirer, my running group, and meetings that are so fun I mistakenly call them parties sometimes :)

  2. Happy list: vanilla latte, cozy bookstores, eating breakfast out on the weekend.

    mandaoverturf at yahoo dot com

  3. My happy list is your hair in these pics, Lemon's hair in general and Spirit Bees eating bees.

  4. My happy list is a good thrift store trip, the rare 15 minutes I sometimes get to read a book before anyone else wakes up and the house is quiet, and arbys french fries (covering mouth face! ;) )

  5. Shopping for the baby boy growing in my belly, chai lattes and Harry Potter movie marathons!

    1. Ooooo I haven't had a Harry Potter marathon in forever! Sounds lovely!

  6. My happy list: going to the beach (with my kids), Antique Shopping (with my kids) and out fishing my husband and son lol

  7. My daily devotion, singing, and laying in pjs all day watching Netflix.

  8. vegging all day, organizing (I love to clean), & my tax return $!!!

  9. Let's see:
    I'm happy for my health, reading when kids and time allow and finally Netflix which will be featuring "friends" starting January 15th 2015! Now if they would add Seinfeld I'd be in heaven. Side note I'm a tea junkie too! Xoxo Allison

  10. My happy list would have: Reading by cozy fireplace, summer barbeques, going to the movies!

    1. Believe it or not - you were the winner! The random number thing chose #10 out of 10! Email me your address to alittleblueberry@yahoo.com and I will get Tea Box Express to send out your box! Yay! :)

    2. I just saw your comment-sorry I'm a little late! I sent an email and thank you so much! :)

  11. Ooops! Missed the cut off date. Might have to buy this for my Grandmother anyways :)
    (She's very high up there on my happy list!)

  12. I'm a year and a half late but it's okay! I think this is really cute..especially the honey ..dipper? Such a smart way to dole out honey :)
    My Happy List (because it's fun to do things like this): my daughter, nature, music, a nap, the future :)