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These may be boring for you, but they aren't for me.  I used to put these on her monthly posts but since I stopped doing those, they have just been stored in my phone.  I thought I'd transfer them over today, here, so that I have them for safe-keeping.  I love this girl and I love looking back at these - it is so cool to watch them grow and learn.

So, here's what has been happening since Lemon's 2nd birthday to now, when she's almost 29 months old (December 2nd):

11.21.14          You came up, hugged me and said "I love you mommy" all by yourself, unprompted at Music Together.  I melted.

11.16.14          You want me to kiss your booboos.  You say "hurt hand" and come up to me with your hand and I have to kiss it.

11.15.14          You took off both of your shoes (flip flops, your favorite) by yourself tonight.  You wear panties at home and when you go out now, and you pee in big potties when we are out.  You don't ask to go pee yet but if we take you frequently you go and never have accidents.  You only wear diapers to sleep.

Asked you to come and snuggle with me and you said, "no."  Asked you again and you said, "you're crazy."

11.11.14          You peed in a potty for the first time out today, at the movies when we saw Big Hero 6, your 1st 3D movie. 

11.4.14           I yawned and from the backseat of the car you asked, "You sleepy mommy?"  It was so cool!

We read a book the other night and there was a character climbing into bed and you said "he's getting into bed."  Full on sentences and you tell us what you did earlier in the day and what you want now.

10.27.14         Two days ago you asked us to "take a picture" of your dolls in your shopping cart.  So funny that you asked!

10.28.14          I got  a recording of you singing the made up song (that I made up) "I Kiss Your Eyes" to me and kissing mine.  Soooooo cute.

10.25.14          We sing "I Kiss Your Eyes" at night and after I sing it to you you say to me, "do mommy's, do mommy's" and you sing it to me and kiss my eyes.  I love it and almost cry every time.

10.24.14          You say "no way" and "that was close!"

10.18.14          We started panties at home today and they look so cute on your little butt.  We've only had one accident in 3 days!  You even wore them out for a walk today too!  (10.20)

10.13.14          Everything is "mommy please, mommy please, mommy?"  or "giraffe please, giraffe please, giraffe?"

You said "see elephants, see the elephants mommy?"  and then I say "I see the elephants" and then you say "do you?" (because that's what I used to say back to you!)  You are so funny, cute and smart - so clever!

10.8.14           Today you told Brittany about our trip to Oregon, when she picked us up from the airport.  You told her actual details about our trip, so crazy.  You say full sentences like "want water mommy."

10.10.14         You pulled your shirt up while daddy was changing you and said, "see boobies daddy?"

9.27.14           Imaginative play yesterday - you wiped and pretended to change a toy piggy bank.

9.15.14           Today I want to remember cuddling in bed for 20 minutes after you woke up, just you nursing, us humming her favorite songs and her little body wrapped around me under the covers.  We wouldn't have moved but Brittany came over.  When I left for work I even got two kisses, the kind where you grabbed my face and kissed me and then acted like it wasn't enough and did it again.  Today after school we all laid in bed for half an hour - playing, cuddling and pretending we were sleeping, going under the covers and kissing.  It was one of my most favorite days.

9.6.14            You said "kiss me" at breakfast in your high chair so I leaned over and you kissed me.  You gave me a million kisses on the couch tonight when daddy would tell you to kiss him, you'd kiss me instead.

9.4.14            Today you nursed, then put Woody (the doll) on my boob and said "want some?"  Too funny!

While you were eating dinner you said "go swimming" and then pointed your finger at your food and said in a funny voice (mocking us) "you gotta eat first!"  It cracked us up!

Tucking you in at night is my most favorite thing lately.  I love seeing your half smile under those covers, I love laying in your teepee with you and just kissing and tickling you.  In the mornings I've been climbing into your crib to nurse and cuddle - so fun.

9.1.14            Tonight we laid in your teepee together - singing and cuddling and then I tucked you in and you blinked fast at me and then I do it to you and you have the cutest smile on your face.  Best couple of days with you.

8.28.14           You now get off of the couch forward instead of having to turn around and do it backwards.  You haven't nursed since Friday (and it's Tuesday).  You are really sick (Hand, Foot, Mouth they say but I think it's something else) and you can't nurse - cold sores in your mouth.  You like for me to have my shirt off so you can just lay next to my boob and cuddle it.  You have been the sickest you've ever been (aside from throwing up) and it is the worst - you didn't eat really for 5 days.

You like when I tell you what you are going to do the next day, the night before, as I tuck you in.  You ask when you're going to bed (and it's always "go see animals?").

8.18.14           You figured out how to put your two hands together with your fingers together too, like you're praying, and it is so cute and you thought it was so cool.

8.17.14            You say "hold you" when you want us to hold you.  You say "hold hang" and when you want me to sit by you, you say "mommy sit."

You quote movies sooooooo good and even the actions/sounds in them.  You only want to watch The Croods lately, not Toy Story anymore.

8.13.14          You grabbed my face the other day and kissed me, lips puckered and all.  All on your own.  THE BEST.

8.12.14          Today you pulled some sunglasses of yours, out of the basket, and put them on and came to find me.  Then you said, "mommy look a me!"  So cute and your biggest sentence yet!

8.2.14           You asked for Nora when we went back to a restaurant that we went to with Nora 1.5 weeks ago.  You said it in the parking lot before we even went in!

You sang the song "almost there" from Princess and the Frog when we held you up by just your butt in the pool and lifted you up.  I had no idea why you did that until we watched the move again and there is a part where some guys are carrying her over their heads like that - too funny!

You ask for watermelon after going swimming because we did that last summer - you remembered.  You did the same at Big Surf this year - asked for watermelon because we ate it last year there.

7.30.14          You kissed me 20 times in a row, over and over again, unprompted while I held you in the pool.  You love your mommy.

7.25.14          You asked for the potty when I took off your diaper yesterday and then you peed in it for the first time!!  It was so cool!

Then this morning you peed on the floor, slipped in it and was laying face down in it when we found you.  You peed outside 3x while swimming, including once in a chair and then you pooped in your swim diaper.  1 step forward, 2 steps back.  Ha.

7.24.14          I picked up a lemon today and asked you what it was you and said "a lemon."  You know your name is lemon and that it is also a fruit.  Big moment.

You wore a cowboy hat at Gymboree today the whole time and when we had to go, you wouldn't take it off.  (You also wouldn't let me not wear mine.)  You carried around a horse all day too and even picked up another one and gave it to a little girl and when she walked away you said, "be nice."  You saw a kid in a cowboy hat that looked like mine (because I took mine off) and you said "mommy hat" until I found another one and put it on.  Your hat had a string on it and you kept wiggling it around and calling it a lasso like you were roping something.  When we had to leave and take off the hat (and horse) you cried and cried and everyone laughed, it was so cute.  You also love making scarves into flowers, you did it yesterday at Gymboree and then today too.

7.22.14          You said "what's in there" when you wanted to see a box of flash cards.  I hummed songs and you sang them while I hummed, so cool.  I also finally got a good "see you later" (seeuater) on video.  My fav word still along with "watermelon" and "strawberry."

Yesterday at Big Surf when we got there you kept asking for watermelon.  You asked over and over and then I remembered that last year, when we went, you got a big thing of watermelon.  How did you remember that from a year ago - when you were only a year old?!

7.21.14          You told Nani to "brush her hair" on FaceTime today.  You ask for "milk" and "juice" and you woke up today talking more than ever.  You say "look at me."

You are making friends with daddy more and more - you gave him a kiss today and you don't freak when he changes you and you wanted to be with him in the water at Big Surf.

Molluscum Contagiosum sucks but ACV kills it, and bandaids.  Don't try Desitin - it spreads it.
Says "what are you doing" and "put a shirt on" and "eat one more" and "you get bubbles."

7.15.14          You got mad when I wanted to put my hair up, you kept saying "hair please" until I put it down again.

You wanted to pop your balloons, from your party, but then you did and then you cried because they were all gone and popped.

When we are on our phones you come up to us and ask to look at "pictures of elephants."  I have no idea why but you must think that when we are on our phones that's all we are looking at all the time.  Ha!

7.7.14          You put your hand on my face today and then leaned in for a kiss.

7.6.14          We spent all day at the beach on the 3rd, Lemon loved the water.  Asher and Courtney met us and we were at hotel on the 3rd.  On the 4th we watched the parade, swam and Lemond didn't sleep at all then we went to the beach a little, then so tired but still watched fireworks.

Says "ow that hurts."

7.3.14           We spent all day at the beach today and you loved the water.  You weren't afraid of it at all and would barrel right out into it, whether anyone else was coming or not.

You say "ow, that hurts."

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  1. Love these! I think if anyone has a child they know that most anything that theit child does is a milestone and tou either want to capture it with a photo or written down!