Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Lemony Christmas - 2014

Winter break came and went but oh it was so fun with a two and a half year old.  Lemon was almost there this year, she knew Santa was coming and could count down the days (kind of) but still couldn't quite grasp the concept, but I know this is our last year like this, next year will be crazy and I can't wait.

I loved reading all of the Christmas books to her, doing Elf on the Shelf, seeing her ask if she could open presents every morning; she'd say "gotta wait" every time she walked past them or would give them to us and say "Happy Birthday mommy" and pretend to open them.  I loved Christmas morning, even though she was more excited about the leftover cookies and carrots and lost interest in her presents a third of the way through, it was just so exciting for me, as a mama.  She was spoiled this year and her favorite present was a little toy shop for her Calico Critters and a little baby chair that hooks on to her little table (something we actually got for her after Christmas!).  Her big presents were a wooden barn for all of her animals that she likes to play with and a Barbie sized Sleeping Beauty set with all of the characters.

Christmas Eve was spent with friends and family in the morning, at nails, then with Ian's family at night.  Then we came home to build a barn and set out some presents (and cookies/carrots) and then Christmas morning my mom, Joe and Amanda came over and then that afternoon we went to my uncle's for ravioli (a family tradition).  It was a blur and it all went by WAY too fast but I loved every minute and tried to savor it.  How do I even describe the feelings to capture the moments on here, I can hardly remember them?!  Pictures will just have to do.

Christmas morning was SO MUCH FUN:

Christmas Eve nails (a family tradition):

Christmas Eve at Ian's parent's:

Christmas morning at our house:

First I put out all my old Barbie stuff, then we realized it was too much and would, instead, save it for her birthday this summer.  Good thing too, she was bored after opening a third of her presents!

Now all Lemon keeps saying is "tree all gone" or "baby Jesus all gone" or "ornaments all gone," it's even sadder when they notice.  She had a little tree in her room again this year and she loved it, she says she misses it every single night.  So do I Lemon, so do I!  :)

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  1. Love love love her sweater and skirt outfit!!!! She looks so grown up!!!! Also your hair looks gorgeous :)