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Moms on Mondays - Megan from The Little Badger

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Today I am featuring Megan from The Little Badger, she makes the cutest rompers and dresses, I am just dying to get Lemon in one!  Now, go and check out her shop (and for more products, check out her Instagram)!

The name is my shop is The Little Badger and I am also on Instagram.

I make custom girl's clothing (and soon boys clothing as well!). I have tried my hand at a little bit of everything and really enjoy what I do!

I started the shop because of necessity. I had recently had our fourth child and found myself in a precarious situation. I couldn't leave her. So I left a well paying job, benefits and even the luxuries of everything my job afforded to come back home. I also started this shop because I noticed that a lot of handmade items were very expensive. I couldn't afford $50 for a dress, so I knew there had to be other moms that wanted them but couldn't either! I try to put beautiful things within reach of the regular SAHM. I wanted to give them something awesome for a good price.

This is funny, because I haven't been in business long at all. I was very intimidated at the idea of starting a shop so I hesitated for a while before making the big leap. I've been in full time business now since July 2014!

This is funny as well because I have NO background. At all. Literally. I graduated high school, I got married and a year later welcomed our first child. Then another. And another. And another!!! I had no experience with a sewing machine!! We had to learn together and trust me, that took up a lot of time, fabric and patience! I always loved the idea of sewing though, I had a ton of ideas for cute things and really wanted those dreams realized!

I have been married 9 years to a wonderful man, Michael. We have four beautiful children Bethany (the boss, 8) Jeremy (the scholar, 6), Benjamin (the mischievous one, 5) and Adalynn (the tiny tornado, 1). They are my entire world.

My store has greatly helped our family. We homeschool as well and as you can imagine the fees are very high for curriculum, tuitions etc. Without the support of my customers I don't know how we would have gotten by! Also, it gives me a great sense of pride. I love looking at something that I made, seeing it on a happy customer and knowing that it was just a bolt of fabric at a store that I turned into something beautiful. That is a very satisfying feeling.

I never thought I would be here today. I always wanted something to do at home to help provide, but to also be here for my children. The success of the shop has really blown me away and I can only express my deepest gratitude for the opportunity I have been offered.

What did I think I'd be doing instead? You know, I am what most people would say is the underdog. I came from a broken home, teenage parents and just a general sad life. I wanted to rise above that. With each day, I believe I am. No matter what situation life deals you, as long as you have a determination you can go anywhere!

I am a one woman show right now, I do hope that with growth I will be able to employ other mothers! With that being said, flying solo has its downside because that means I have to pull many hours to get orders out. Finding time is just that... Finding time. I need sleep. And coffee ;).

What I love most about this business is seeing a happy customer. That is just the icing on the cake. No doubt the most challenging part of this business is "keeping up with the Jones'." You always have to think a month ahead because what is hot now might not be hot then. Staying ahead of the game has been my biggest challenge.

I see my shop expanding. I can see where I have potential to grow and expand. I don't want to be huge and miss what's most important, my family, but I do want to reach for the stars. I want something my girls can step into and my boys can help manage. That would be awesome.

The most favorite thing I have created is the reversible dress. I think that is too neat. I mean, 2 dresses in one!

If I could give any mom some advice it would be DO NOT GIVE UP! I am not huge, but I am moderately successful. It wasn't like that in the beginning. No one was interested in me. I had no sales. I fretted and thought about giving up because I was sure it wasn't going to go anywhere... And look. One day it just, happened. So don't give up. If you want it, go for it!

I am currently totally digging Moccs with Attitude, her new booties are the bees knees! Ruby Blue Inc. has some of the cutest headwrap bows I've seen to date, I just got Addy one and I was in love. Also, Little Peeps Closet has some of the cutest crochet collars out there. Those are my obsessions for now lol.

Thanks Megan, it has been a pleasure!  :)

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