Monday, February 15, 2016

Baby Boy - 23-26 Weeks

Of course I've been slacking on these posts, too much to do and so little time - how did 3 weeks go by already?!  I have also entered the phase of pregnancy where I just feel fat - I feel like I look fat and want to just sit around and eat donuts because what's the point?  I'm fat anyway.  Hahahaha!  Are you familiar with this phase ladies?  Ugh, it's hard to stop myself but am trying to remember that every donut I eat just goes to my butt, and I will have to work it off after baby - so not fun.

At my last appointment I gained 16 pounds total, so far, and my next appointment is next Monday so we'll see the result of all of these donuts (Valentine's Day chocolates, cupcakes, etc.).  I also try to walk at school at least 2 days a week since I'm only really doing yoga once every other week (no time!), but haven't been as consistent with it.  I'm busy at my actual job, and all the other stuff outside of work that sometimes I do while I'm AT work.  Ha.  Busy is apparently my middle name these days.  Allison Busy & Tired, nice to meet you.

These past 3 weeks have gone by in a blur and it's a lot to post about here, so maybe just some highlights?  (Sorry for the flood of pictures!)  Still lots of kicking and movement from baby boy, and at our last appointment she said my placenta was behind baby instead of in front (like last time) so that's why I feel him more than I felt Lemon.  Did I already write this here?  Either way, she said I'm feeling what it's actually like to feel a baby, so crazy.  He does wake me up sometimes and I definitely thought he was more active than Lemon but it's just a placenta thing - who knew?!

February seems to be full of birthday parties, baby showers and then a little bit of time to squeeze in fun, family activities or to see our parents/friends now and then.  I can't believe it's the middle of February already and March is just around the corner, including a trip to the beach which I can't wait for.  My toes need to meet the sand, and I have a need to feel grounded, relaxed and calm for just a minute.  I need a vacation and some time off, from everything.  It will be our last vacation as a family of three and I look forward to relaxing and just enjoying every single second of it.

Posted A TON of pictures below, enjoy!

25-26 Weeks (in pictures):

Donuts with my girl on my day off, President's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Lemon!

Valentine's Day Renaissance Festival fun with Peepaw:

Behind the scenes fun at The Magpie Co. photo shoot:

Happy 3rd birthday Jonah:

The Party Boys (James and Brian) are here for good so we celebrated:

3 day weekends mean that she gets to sleep with me TWO nights!

Gardening with our kids at school!

We planted this lemon tree when Lemon was still in my tummy, and now it has tons of lemons on it!  She loved picking them but didn't love the lemonade we made.

24 Weeks:

Me at 24 weeks, Miranda at 30 weeks

Zoo fun with our out of town cousins from Montana:

We had a special guest at Sweet Republic Sunday!

We love our Brittany!

Flower Child on a cold night, Pho hit the spot!

Library trips during the week are our favorites:

Lemon checked out all her books by herself!  So fun because I used to love playing librarian when I was her age!

 She moved up a level in swimming and I had to sign her up for a different, new class!  Yay Lemon!

Rushing off to yoga on long yoga weeks (3 days) is tough!

More photo shoot fun for Vivie and Ash:

And after shoots we get Italian Icees with our friends:

Lemon loves to do my makeup and hers:

Wanted a wig for her makeup tutorial but all I had were hair extensions from my wedding.

Happy Birthday Clementine:

23 Weeks:

Library evening with my loves:

 Lemon's favorite thing to cook is Pad Thai!

 She loves having her hair straightened!  Me, not so much!

 Dining with Toddlers!

Yoga at Desert Song:

Fun at Penny's house:

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