Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Showering our Baby Boy - 34 Weeks

We have been busy, busy, busy touring preschools, shooting some brand photos and touring preschools this week.  I am totally beat, like I almost called into work this morning, beat and just over it.  And, as if I wasn't busy and tired already, I was told last week that I'd have to move my classroom, of 12 years, at my school.  So, I get to spend my last 27 days cleaning out cabinets and packing up boxes.  Ugh.


 Now, we've gotten a lot done.

We were so exited to go to our 32 week (really 33 week) ultrasound last week and see our baby boy, since my new place has 3D ultrasound capabilities.  Well, when we got there I was super thirsty and there were no water bottles and water is what usually gets this kid moving (and food of course), so when we headed into the room, he was moving around (and head down) but his face was not towards the camera.  The tech tried, not very hard, to get him to turn/move but he just wouldn't, and after taking all of the measurements and so on, we didn't get to see his face.  Not one tiny bit.  All we got is a picture of his ear - HIS EAR!!!  So dumb!  I don't even know what he looks like!!  I can't believe it.  Everything else measured great, she said he had a fat tummy and long legs but other than that he measured/weighed normal.  There is no cause for alarm so that will probably be our last US before he's born - agh!

I also had a donut breakfast date with this lovely mama, thinking it would be the last time I'd see her before she gave birth.  Little did we both know she'd be at my shower, and induced the next day!

Grumpy, teenage Lemon:

Toddlers are not only grumpy but also pretty helpful:

Have you heard of an aerogarden?  We have one and love it, Lemon likes to pick the tomatoes and give them to me - so yummy!

We started a reward system for Lemon where she gets coins (any denomination, she's too little to know the difference) for cleaning up toys, going potty by herself, washing hands and not calling us in at night for ridiculous things (like to "cover her arms up").  She earned enough this week to buy a Laguna Blue doll and some slime, and she loved it.  It works really well and this week I haven't even had to bribe her to do things with a coin, I just ask her to do them and she does it and then I give her a coin.  So cool.

And a little strange:

Before my shower, my mom took Lemon and I to get manicures and pedicures, it was so much fun!  Lemon loves it, I think this was her 3rd time going with us!

On Saturday night we headed to my yoga studio to watch Inside Out, outside in their garden.  It was such a fun night with a potluck and new friends, and snuggling under the stars.  I loved it and hope they do it again, I only want to watch movies outside from now on.

 This little boy, Jaxx's, mama drove him all the way from Tucson (2 hours) to come and meet Lemon because he loves watching her on Cooking with Lemon.  They had THE BEST time together, it was so cute!

This past Sunday we had a baby shower for our baby boy.  We arranged to have it at Flower Child and as if I already didn't love this restaurant, I would love it even more now.  Kassie, the manager, is amazing and the sign outside said "Flower Child Loves Allison," so freaking cute.  My mom and Ian's mom, Patty, hosted and it was a truly magical day.

My friend Elizabeth, from The Magpie Co, made Lemon and I matching dresses and Lemon came with me for the first hour or so, then went home with Ian.  When I walked into the restaurant and saw all of the people I loved there, I had tears in my eyes.  I can't believe 35 people came to celebrate our family, I am truly blessed to know each and every one of those ladies and their families!  I am a lucky girl and count my blessings every single day.

Miss Lemon wanted makeup like mommy on shower day, so I obliged.  :)

Instead of posting a bunch of pictures here, I thought I'd link instead to my Facebook album so you can check them out if you'd like.  I had so much fun!!!  Thanks to all who came, we are so blessed to have you in our lives.

After the shower we had our friends James and Brian (the Party Boys as Lemon calls them) over to do a Cooking with Lemon episode.  It was the messiest one we've had yet I think and they didn't even get to make real rainbow donuts, it was just too crazy!  I think you'll love watching it though!

Lemons shirt is Kate Fox Apparel, her shorts are Lookie Loo Loo and her headband is Sarah's Silks.

It's safe to say that Lemon hates silly string, who knew?!  :)

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