Thursday, December 8, 2016

Elf on the Shelf - Week One

Well guys, Daphne is back again another year and this time she's brought a friend - Indy's elf, Cookie!

I am SO TIRED and doing these elves with two kids is no joke, but I've somehow made it through the first almost two weeks, agh!

Here are their adventures from last week:

Thursday 12/1:

Friday 12/2:

Saturday 12/3:

Sunday 12/4:

Monday 12/5:

And a video compilation of Lemon finding the elf (elves) every morning throughout the week:

If you're in need of ideas, I recorded (and blogged) Daphne's (the elf's) adventures over the past two years at our house!  You can find the videos here and here.  :)

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