Friday, December 23, 2016

The Nibbler & Miracle Mat - Nuby Review

Feeding a baby is super messy, I forgot just how messy it is.  You have to give them a bath after, you have no other choice, and if you have a busy night ahead, it's just easier not to give them any solids because why deal with the hassle?

I  was excited to try out The Nibbler, a Nuby product, that is perfect for baby's first fruits and veggies.  We put a couple of pieces of strawberry in Indy's and then gave it to him, hoping it would be less messy than giving him chunks of sweet potatoes or bananas.  Boy were we wrong!  He left the scene of the strawberry looking like a vampire, it was hilariously messy!

I'm not sure if he liked it, babies always seem to act the same when trying new foods - sour face, spitting it out, moving it around with their tongue, and then gagging.  But, he did like his Nuby Nibbler!  I think it's so great so that they don't get huge chunks of food, but you also don't have to mush anything up.  You can just cut it, put it in there, and then give it to them and the mesh does the work for you.

I like this particular product because it has a cover, so you can save whatever is in there (or keep germs out until use), and it's super easy to clean, easier than any other product like it.  It comes apart, you clean the pieces, and then it's really simple to put them all back together.  It was also great for Indy to grip, he had no trouble holding on to it and using it.  Get one for your babe on Amazon!

Indy is a bit small, and new to food, to use our Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Mat.  It says it's for 6 months and up but I couldn't think of three things to put in it, and he's into just pushing stuff around on his high chair, so I let Lemon try it out instead.

It has a non slip base, three sections, is a plate and place mat in one, is silicone (easy to wipe and dishwasher safe) and is BPA free.  A couple of my friends had mats like these when their babes were one and I always wanted one, they seemed like such a good idea when your toddler wants to just throw their food (and plate) on the floor.  I can't wait to use it when Indy hits that stage!

Lemon loved it and loved making her brother look at her new plate!  Ha!

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