Monday, December 19, 2016

Santa Pictures with Indy & Lemon

We visited our favorite Santa station this year, at the mall, and were surprised to see it was a different Santa than we were used to!  He was sweet though and Lemon told him all about how she wanted a Lalaloopsy bike this year for Christmas (who knew?!).

Indy was great, even though he was sleepy, and smiled a whole bunch but the kid taking the pictures missed every single one.  Ugh!  We even went back a second time to capture some smiles and every time he smiled the kid took the picture a second too late.  It does not cost them anything to hold that button down and snap away, we were so mad!  The smiliest baby on the planet and we didn't get a single smiling picture.  So annoying.

They turned out ok, hopefully next year will be better (although that might be the one where Indy cries!).  Did you guys get any good Santa pics this year?

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