Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stopping the movie

The best part of my job is the kids (ask any teacher and this should be their answer).  The only reason I am a teacher is because of the students.  This year, as you read here, I took on a job that didn't really benefit the students and actually allowed me even less time to focus on them.  Never again.  I will remember next time that it isn't about leadership, it is about the kids.  And, even if you think your leadership will change things for the students, it may not; so you should just focus on what you are good at - teaching your students.

Saying goodbye to my students every year is like shutting off a movie halfway through.  Sure, I will see them around school for one more year, but never again will I spend 180 days with them.  And the seniors, who I previously had, are gone forever, never knowing about their lives again - most of them.  It's like stopping a movie before the ending - who will they marry?  How many kids will they have?  What jobs will they get?  What will they be like at my age?  It's depressing but hopeful at the same time, they have their whole lives ahead of them.  It's so amazing to be just starting out, so exciting.  When I say goodbye I am both sad and happy to see them go.  

Here are some pictures of students I will not see again.  Sure I can keep in touch, eventually, through Facebook or something, but I will not really know them ever again.  If you are a teacher, I am sure you can relate.  For a brief moment in time I affected their lives, hopefully, but now it is up to them to make it all happen.  Good luck class of 2012, it has been fun getting to know you.  Keep in touch!

(And for liability reasons - These students are all graduated, over the age of 18, they all signed an internet release form and are left unnamed here.)

 (Without this guy I would not have been able to do yoga and recycling at school.  He has helped me so much, I will miss him terribly!)

(And once in awhile you get these from students.  It totally makes your job worthwhile.  One "thank you" lasts for years and years and years.)

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