Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ian's 31st Birthday

I am behind on blogging and am trying to catch up, bear with me!

School technically ended last Wednesday, and Ian and I worked our butts off to make three cakes for a bake sale that Thursday at my nani's retirement home.  A family friend recently passed and they were raising money for her daughter's college fund.  We made a mess but made three of the cutest cakes ever, that ended up raising $75!  It was a long day but worth it to contribute to all the goodies.

I got called back in for a mandatory meeting on Thursday morning (and found out about it after I already left school on Wednesday).  Our principal picked a new leader for our department and wanted to hear our thoughts before letting us know his decision.  After the meeting, we came home and started cleaning for Ian's birthday.  His birthday falls on the last week of school, always, and we want to have all of our fam and friends over so we rush around to make sure the house looks nice (and it's an excuse to clean for summer break too!).  Friday we headed in to pick up our last paychecks (big summer money!) and then went to happy hour with some school friends.  I said goodbye to two lovely ladies moving on with their husbands to bigger and better things, I will miss them and so will our students.

Saturday night we went out with Ian's friends and sister to the bar by our house.  It was fun being with all of our friends (mine, his - ours).  Everyone came out to celebrate with us and again I remembered just how lucky we are to have such wonderful people in our lives.  We have the best of friends and family, it amazes me every day just how loved we are (and how much we love all of them right back).  

Sunday, after a long night of drinking, we had my dad and Ian's family over for a BBQ.  We also invited our family friends from Oregon, Bruce and Cheryl and had the best time with everyone.  It was a crazy weekend and went by so fast, but was just as fun as always.  We realized that our big birthday celebrations might be coming to an end (we are getting old!) so it's always fun to get together when we can.  The older you get the harder it is to plan something with everyone, but we appreciate it so much when everyone can come out, it means a lot and we always have a good time!

On Ian's actual birthday, he and his dad were fixing our broken pool pump.  Our pool guy didn't bother to tell us that he had let our pump run dry, due to a broken backwash valve, so we ended up replacing the whole thing (and our pool guy).  He wanted to work on it on his birthday, even though I told him to just relax, but they ended up fixing it and it didn't take very long.  (Thanks Henry for always coming over to save the day, we still owe you from the attic!)  

I made gluten free chocolate croissants while they worked, a birthday tradition.  8 years ago on Ian's birthday, when we were just friends, I bought him a chocolate croissant and brought it to him at the school we worked at with a candle in it.  I sang Happy Birthday to him in my classroom, and from that year to this we've always eaten one on his birthday.  This year, since I am going gluten free (a post on this to come!), I had to make them from scratch.  It was tough, took forever, and I made a mess (and screwed up the recipe) but they turned out ok.  

That night we decided to stay in and watch a movie and eat Pei Wei instead of going out, it's our favorite thing to do and we were still beat from our crazy weekend!  Happy birthday to my wonderful husband, I love you so much more than you will ever know.  You are my best friend.

(I gave my students tomato and pepper plants back in March and took home the plants they did not take.  Now I have tomatoes!)

(Part of our cleaning involved trimming the bushes in the turtle pond.  Molly, the turtle, is so happy now she can get out and get some sun!)

(I also made Ian a gluten free pineapple upside down cake.  It was delicious, but I forgot to flip it over!)

(He got a welder and mask for his birthday.)

(Another one!)

(Ian got a welder, and helmet, for his birthday from his parents.  Apparently the helmet goes on our bedroom dresser?!)

(Gluten free chocolate croissants.)

(Made a mess and spent $13 on hard to find xanthan gum!)

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