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Moms on Mondays - Cori from Avrie Blue

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This week I have the pleasure of featuring Cori from Avrie Blue.  She has the most adorable, and fashionable little girl named Stella and makes the cutest moccs (another mocc maker!).  Check out her shop and buy some shoes for your little one!

What is the name of your shop and how can we find you?

I do all my business on Instagram (and have an Etsy shop as well).

Tell us about what you make/sell in your shop. 

I make accessories for babies- bibdanas, moccasins, and the occasional hair accessory.

How/why did you start making these products and open this shop?

I opened my shop when my baby girl was just over 6 months old. My shop actually started out with just hair accessories, because the pieces you find in normal kids clothing/accessory stores tend to be too gaudy. From there I expanded to bibdanas and then to moccs. My daughter has the world's tiniest feet and moccs were literally the only shoes that would stay on. I figured it would be much more cost effective to make my own!

How long have you been in business? 

I have been in business since August 2013.

What is your background (college/career/etc.)?

I went to college to be a medical assistant. I worked for awhile in the medical field, but left when I was pregnant with my first baby.

Tell us a little bit about your family.

I got married at 18 to my awesome hubby, Jason, who I have known my whole life. We grew up in church together! We had our first baby. Phineas, two years after we got married; our second, Cole, a year and a half after that, and then our third, Stella, just over a year later (that was not planned!!). My husband and I just celebrated our 6th anniversary this March.

How does this company help your family?  Or you?

First and foremost, it helps financially. It also provides a creative outlet, which is really important to me!

Did you ever think you'd be doing this?  What did you think you'd be doing instead?

I guess the artistic side of it is in my blood! My dad is a stained glass artist, my mom is a painter and used to be a jewelry maker. I figured I had missed out on the artistic gene, but it was just a little deeper under the surface. I never pictured myself doing this, I thought I would be in the medical field, but now I can't picture myself doing anything else!

Does anyone help you with your shop?

My husband and my mom - both in different ways! My mom will occasionally give me an hour or two kid free so I can catch up with work, and from time to time I'll drag my husband into my office and make him help me package orders.

How do you find time to run your shop and create products? 

I try to keep my crafting time to nap and bed time so I'm able to spend quality time with my kids. But, that makes for a lot of late nights - it's worth it.

What do you love about this businesses?

I love the satisfaction of creating a beautiful product that makes other people happy. 

What is the most challenging part of this business?

Finiding time to balance everything. I have to be a mom and a wife, in addition to a business owner, and keeping everything in line can be a giant challenge. 

Where do you see your shop in the future?

I hope to keep growing my business and making customers happy! Right now, all my kids are still too young for school, but once that changes, I figure Ill be able to make more things happen!

Tell us your favorite product or your most favorite thing you've created?

My favorite thing I've created is my Dreamweaver moccs. They were made with the first, genuine leather hide I ordered and my daughter wears hers constantly. They are SO soft and cozy, and I love the bright turquoise color.

Do you have any advice for future mom-entrepreneurs?

Don't give up! It can take a LONG time to make the initial breakthrough your business needs to take off. But, get in contact with other moms in the handmade scene and connect to the community, that will help SO much.

What are some of YOUR favorite shops/products, besides your own?
Some of the first shops I bought from are still my favorites! I love Tribe is Alive, Summer Sariah, and Southern Adoornments. My current obsession is Hip Chixie, she makes these amazing boho necklaces for babies!

Thank you, Cori, for being a part of this series - go buy some of her moccs!

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