Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Skinny on Skin - Inspired by Lemon

Nina from The Skinny on Skin contacted me tonight saying that she wrote a blog post, Thank You Lemon, dedicated to Lemon and I just couldn't believe it so I went over to her blog for a read.

What a great post!  Thank you Nina for writing about Molluscum Contagiosum, for taking the time out to consider our family in your post (and for saying all of those lovely things about us) and for spreading the word about these pesky bumps.  I agree with Nina, it could be way worse and we are totally aware that this is just a skin virus that Lemon's immune system will eventually fight.  But man it sucks when you are going through it!  And, some moms I've talked to said it lasted up to 4 years for their little ones - agh!

I loved the part in your post, Nina, where you said "Don't quarentine your child."  Ian has definitely wanted to keep Lemon home on more than one occasion because of it, and I think some people in our lives may treat Lemon as some sort of leper, but I loved your simple words - ". . . chances are kids are gonna either get it or not get it no matter what." 

This post, and Lemon's current sickness really put her Molluscum in perspective for me, and I hope I can remember Nina's (a dermatology nurse practitioner) advice when they just never seem to go away (and keep on spreading!)!  (Coincidentally we see a dermatologist on Wednesday to hopefully try out some of the treatments Nina mentioned in her post!)

Thanks again Nina, what a sweet note to get tonight, on a rough day that I needed it most.  :)

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