Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mmmm! Episode 7: Sugar Cookies & Special Guest

This week, Lemon and Ian had a special guest on Cooking with Lemon - Nora!  Nora was in town with her mom, our good friend Tiff, so she came over and just happened to want to cook "pink" cookies, the same thing Lemon had already requested earlier that day (and they didn't actually come out pink at all)!

These two girls were HILARIOUS and Tiff and I just sat there and watched.  Usually I go in the other room and let Ian and Lemon do their thing, but this was just too good, we couldn't help but watch the shenanigans (you can hear us giggling a lot in the background).  The cookies weren't that great in the end (I don't even think Lemon ate a whole one), but it was worth it to have these two girls together making them.

Watch this one with your kids, they are guaranteed to laugh!  And, please like our YouTube channel after watching (by clicking on the YouTube icon at the bottom of the video to go to our channel page).  Enjoy!  :)

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