Wednesday, April 22, 2015

More Days of Note - 2 years

Again, these may be boring for you to read but I love documenting them here.  It's funny that the older our kids get, the less we keep track of or write down.  I guess we are just so busy?!  I am trying to remember as much as possible, though, that's why I keep these here.  I really have to make an effort now-a-days to even jot them down, but I'm so glad I do!

11.23.14          Said "Look at all the people," then "they are all friends" to a crowd of people in her book.  Said "that was close" after we did a ring around the rosey and fell down together.

11.30.14          Me:  "What is that?"  "That's a . . ."  Me:  How many are there?"  "There are . . ."  Amazing.

Favorite sayings that she says - "What's that?"  Then, she answers herself  "That is a . . , you know what that is."

12.2.14           Started saying "goodnight mommy" when I tuck her in, after I said "goodnight Lemon."  Hugs things, and us, and says "I love you" on her own.  Asks me to get in the crib with her, "Mommy get in" and tries to open mouth kiss me or lick me and we giggle the whole time, it's the best part of my day - cuddling in the crib with her.  Says "another blanket" and "too" for additional things.  Her vocabulary is totally amazing.

12.3.14           Said "be careful" tonight and yesterday.  When she farted she told Ian her "butt burped."  She scooted her naked booty on the floor and loved the sound it made, was cracking up, and proceeded to do it even though it drove me nuts.  She told me she had to go pee tonight "pee pee in the potty."  So awesome.

12.4.14           Took her bear this morning and turned to me, with a high voice, and said "Hi mommy, how you doing" like she was making the bear talk to me!  Yesterday she put her princess down on the couch, laid her down and tickled her.  So cute!

12.8.14           "What's wrong baby?"  "Nothing."  Yesterday we saw two babies in the same swing, twins, and Lemon said she wanted two Lemon's in her swing with her.  Then, she said there was only "1 Lemon" and "1 Mommy" and "1 Peepaw."  "Peepaw hold you?"  She asked for my dad to hold her yesterday, that's big!

12.16.14          Strings whole sentences together like "Hey that's my sock, give me that."  Answers questions that we ask her.

12.19.14           "Mommy, can I take a bath?"  "It's so beautiful" when things are beautiful or pretty.

12.23.14          "Where's the car, where'd it go?  There he is, I found him (or the car)."  Hurt her lip yesterday on a bucket at the zoo, milking a fake cow.  It was so sad.

12.25.14          I asked if she had a good Christmas and she said, "uh huh" and then I asked if she had fun opening presents and she said "uh huh" and then I asked which of her presents she liked the best and she said "Nani and Grandpa and Amanda" and then I told her she was my favorite present and kissed her.

She, just today, started answering me back instead of just repeating what I say and she will leave somewhere and then come home and talk about it, telling us about it.  She will always say that she had fun doing something.  She also told Ian today that Cyrus was mean to her, "Daddy, daddy Lemon you ok, you ok Lemon, Cyrus, Cyrus."  It was sad, he shot her with a nerf gun (her cousin).  I will not be able to handle it when kids are mean to her, I just won't it will be too sad.

12.28.14           Asks us to run her tummy and back.  She still talks about holding baby chicks from Halloween (agh!) and the bats from Jumanji that we mistakenly let her watch one day, weeks ago.

1.1.15               We all sledded down a hill today and she loved it, I did it with her and it was so much fun, I wish we had pictures or a video.  I want to remember it, her first time playing in the snow and her first time sledding was with her mama.  She loved the snow in Sedona, wanted us to pull over so she could play in it as soon as she saw it, and was up at 6:45am the next morning asking for her gloves/boots too.  She was a good sport, would play for an hour or so and then wanted to go in and get warm - me too.  I have wanted to wake up in snow for so long, it was so much fun!!  And, there was so much snow!

1.5.15              She said "best day ever."  She also pretended like her fork and spoon were friends, at dinner, and said "hey spoon, want to go to the park" like the fork was talking.  So crazy, this pretend play.

1.9.15              Started saying "too" like "Lemon go night night too."  When I tuck her in and climb in her crib, I rub her tummy and sing A Few of My Favorite Things and tonight she sang along with me and rubbed my tummy and sang it to me too.  It was the sweetest thing.

When I try to get out to go to bed too, she says "leave it in" and pushes my face down to stay and gets a pouty face when I get up to really go.  I steal so many kisses and cuddles in her crib, it's the best.  Will I always be able to cuddle her like this?

1.17.15            Went to drop Peepaw off and she said, "Um, so what are we going to do now?"  My mom asked her what she was doing over Skype and she said, "Just sitting on the couch watching a movie Nani."

1.19.15             "Look at my curly hair" to Selma on FaceTime.  How did she know she has curly hair?  She also knows she has blue eyes (like Cinderella) and mommy has green eyes and daddy has brown eyes.

1.20.15              If she can't find something then she finds it she says, "there he is."  It's so cute!  She's done it forever and it's one of my favorite things.  Even when her straw was in her cup and then I popped it out she said, "there he is!"  So funny.

Stayed with peepaw for the second time (first was when she was really little) today and did great!

1.27.15            Cutting the dogs gunk out of his eyes and Ian asks me if I have some little scissors.  Lemon says "I'll get the green scissors out of the play doh" and she does, totally play doh scissors that don't cut.  Ha.

1.30.15             Pretends that her feet and hands are talking to each other.  Makes them do voices (like 2 hands talking or 2 feet talking) and "run away" and moves them away from each other.  Does it with her feet while I'm rubbing them in bed.

Says "um" or "I don't know" or both together - so cute.

Calls me "mom" for a whole week, and Ian "dad" for half this week and then we called Nani on the phone and she started calling her "Nan."  She must have gotten it from a movie or book, before that it was "mama" from a book.

2.10.15             "Are you cutting my apple mommy?"  "Don't eat that Linus, that's mine."  Today she finally could tell me how old she was and when her birthday is, I got it on video!!  "Jew-why secend."

2.13.15             "Turn off (on) the light mama, it's dark in here."

2.15.15             "See all the water mama, Lemon likey to swim in the water.  Does mama like to swim in the water?"  "You going potty mama?  I went potty too in daddy's bathroom."  These sentences came out of nowhere, it's amazing!!

3.3.15                 Said "ewwww gross" when she saw me take out my bite guard in the morning after waking up.

Says "Jesus Christ!"  Said it for the first time when I was trying to take her romper off at Nani's house.  Lays in our bed with the covers, then sits up and says "Oh my god!"  Makes me do it too, I have no idea where it's from but it's funny!

3.17.15               New words like "though" and "first."  "Go home first, go to the beach though."  Love it also when she says "too" like "I love you too mama."  Love when she answers us when we ask how she's doing, "I doing good, how you mama?"  Or "I doing good too."  Such a sweet soul.

Cried the first night of our San Diego trip, was so overtired and out of her element.  She knew she wasn't home but thought she was going home to go to bed.  She said over and over she wanted to go to "Memon's house" and sleep in "Memon's bed."  She was so upset and I just held her and told her it would be ok.  What else can you do?

3.20.15               Said the word "hate" today.  "I hate robots."  Asked her what the name of a magnetic bunny was and she said "blue bunny" and I thought it was so cute, she has never given a name to anything herself before.

3.21.15           Did an evil laugh when my dad asked for some of her ice cream.  She said "no that's mine, muwhahahaaa."

I asked if she needed help climbing up the stairs and she said, "no thanks, I can do it myself."  Everything is "I do it myself" now-a-days.

Asked how I was and I said I was happy.  I asked how she was and she said she was mad and then I asked why and she said "I'm mad at mommy."  Then I asked why and she said "mommy makes you brush your teeth, go potty and go night night."  Ha.

Jonah was mad and she said "Jonah sad" and then said "Lemon happy" and signed happy.

4.3.15            Jonah spilled water from their tea party and she said, "Oh. My. God. Jonah."  It was so funny, we just cracked up!

4.20.15          "Mommy take a bath too.  Let's take a bath together."  Together!  Such a big concept!

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