Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Baby Boy 27-28 Weeks

28 Weeks:

34 weeks (Miranda) and 28 weeks.

I went to the doc last week and she said baby was measuring fine and his heartbeat sounded good.  I also gained about 3 pounds I think (up 22 pounds total from my pre-pregnancy weight).  It was one of those very short appointments so I was happy I could get home!  Next time I go (over Spring Break) I do the glucose test and then after that I am in the 3rd trimester and have to go every 2 weeks.  Where has this pregnancy gone?!  It's so crazy how much faster the second one goes . . .

Have you guys heard of the glucose test with jelly beans instead?  I don't know about you, but that drink made me super sick last time so it's one of the things I'm dreading (along with birth of course) this time.  So, I did some research and found a study where they allowed patients to eat jelly beans instead.  It turns out that my doctor read the same study and has had patients do it in the past, so I'm going to do it as well!  You've got to eat 28 jelly beans (easy!) an hour before they draw your blood and then you're good to go, I can eat 28 jelly beans at any moment - for reals.  So, I found some dye free, organic (blah, blah) jelly beans and I'm excited to eat them (after some morning eggs) before I head in to the doc to get tested!  Print out the journal, if you're interested, and show your doc, you can do it too!

I've been just as tired as I normally am but this week I've felt bigger than normal.  I haven't gotten to go to my regular (used to be weekly but now bi-weekly) yoga class in a couple of weeks and my body is definitely feeling it.  My lower back hurts, my feet are kind of uncomfortable when I get out of bed in the morning and I am just feeling everything changing a bit more.  I also only walked on the treadmill once last week so I've been slacking there as well, I am just so dang tired - too tired to do anything!  Last night I really wore myself out (baby shower and then birthday party) so I had to lay with my legs up the wall for awhile, just to reverse the blood flow and reset.  I hope I get some energy back after Spring Break (two more weeks) and get to recharge/refresh a bit.  I hope.

This weekend was crazy but fun!  We had a photo shoot for our new Cooking with Lemon kids t-shirts, with all of our lovely friends and their cute kiddos, and then I got to celebrate baby Margot with Miranda at her shower yesterday and go to Abigail's 2nd birthday, our friend Amanda's daughter.  February and March are full of events so there's not a lot of down time, it's fun but leaves me even more tired then before, and scrambles my brain a bit.  Hard to keep track of everything or have time to just sit and veg out.  Lemon is also going to bed later and later so it's frying our brains a bit.  We put her in bed at 8:30-9 but she doesn't end up falling asleep until 10-10:30.  Why does she hate sleep?  She's driving us bonkers, I just can't wait for Spring Break!

Up way too late.

We got to see our friends from California this week - Tiff, Toph and Nora!  So much fun getting these girls together!

Lemon and I went to the Farmer's Market, just us, last week and it was so lovely!

This weekend's t-shirt shoot shenanigans (behind the scenes!):

The parents looked like they were having their own photo shoot while we were taking pics of the kids!  Love all of these people who spent part of their Saturday with us!

Lemon loves holding babies, it's her new favorite thing.  She loved baby Kendrick!

Celebrating baby Margo at Miranda's shower:

Everyone and their mother is pregnant right now.

Off to Lemon's friend Abigail's birthday party:

27 Weeks:

Playing at the library, library nights are my favorite!

Her faces kill me!

Love my new Cooking with Lemon bag and our shirts:

Lemon requested purple hair this week:

Walking the dogs is her favorite, she cracks up the whole time!

Our friends Amanda and Justin were in town and Lemon finally got to hold baby Ruby, she loved it!

Couch snuggles with a silly girl:

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