Friday, March 11, 2016

Baby Boy - 29 Weeks

I have no idea what is up with me but last weekend, I was beyond my normal tired.  Maybe it was yoga on Wednesday before teacher training, or that almost 2 hours of Astanga yoga on Saturday before teacher training - but whatever it was by Sunday, I was beat.  I spent most of the day (after a morning birthday party) in bed and didn't have any energy on Monday either (after school).  Thank goodness for my amazing husband, who did all of his jobs and mine, or we wouldn't have had groceries this week!

Baby boy is still moving A TON and he sometimes wakes me up at night.  This is new to me, something Lemon never did (my placenta was in a different place last time).  I am feeling good except sometimes my lower back aches and I do have a bit of stiffness down my right side (butt, thigh, leg).  I also have foot cramps like nobody's business, I stood on my tiptoes the other day to put a cup up on a shelf and my foot cramped so badly I almost died, it was so painful!  Magnesium helped me last time with leg cramps, perhaps I should try that this time as well.  I am seriously just so busy I don't even have time to remember to add it to my vitamin intake!  I still get pretty winded from walking around, and am totally feeling ligament pain in my belly when I sit/stand up or walk on the treadmill for awhile.

I love being pregnant.  I feel beautiful, not fat, my skin looks amazing, my nails are super long and strong and I feel like I just float around on top of the world (even though I am oh so very tired).  I love feeling all of his crazy movements, love the bond we share just the two of us - him in there and me being the only one feeling him move, and love talking to Lemon about what she thinks he's going to look like when he comes out.  I can't wait to meet this little guy of ours, snuggle him, cuddle him, breathe him in and see what his hair/eyes/skin looks like and what his personality is like.  The only thing I don't like is all the yoga poses I can't do (boring!) and that my hair seems really dry and doesn't look so cute, but man I know it's looking better than it will after baby so I'm trying to enjoy even the dryness too.

It has also been super fun adding items to my Baby Registry on Amazon.  It's amazing all of the different stuff you ask for the second time around vs. the first.  Some of the stuff I asked for last time can be found on my Baby Gear section (on this blog), and my registry this time around can be found here.  It is mostly full of necessities like pack and play sheets, cloth diapers (we CD'ed the first time around and plan on doing it again), and pumping supplies.  Not super exciting but so needed.  The only big things I asked for were a MamaRoo and a hanging bassinet for our living room.  People have given us lots of clothes, so I didn't really put many clothes on the list, I'd rather have things I could use and he will just have to wear hand-me-downs for awhile.  He's a boy, he'll deal with it.  Ha.  Any items you found that you totally wish you would have had for your first that you made sure you got for your second?  Please share in the comments below, I'd love to hear!

Almost Spring Break means a ton of kids in my room making up work!  Blah!

Now, on to our adventures over this past week:

Making Easter eggs with my babe.

Heading to the movies and snuggling in the back.

 Library babes.

We watched Night at the Museum for the first time, she loved it but it also made her nervous and she had to snuggle.

Yoga weekend kisses. 

 Someone caught a cold this week and had a fever so there was lots of snuggling on the couch happening.

We saw Zootopia, it was so good!  Lemon loved Officer Hopps and got some Tsum Tsums after for free!  Wahoo!

We celebrated our friend Annabelle's birthday on Sunday:

And got to see our cousins there!

And my fave picture from this week - Lemon's new favorite artist is Lady Gaga and she loves the song Poker Face.  But, she thinks it says "poke her face" so she requests the song as "I want to listen to Poke Her Face" and while we listen we obvi have to poke our faces.  I just love this girl of mine!

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