Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter and Baby Boy - 32 Weeks

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It's almost April - can you believe it?  I'm 8 months pregnant, can you believe that?!  I can't, it has gone by SO FAST.  I'm feeling good this week, sleeping well and remembering to put my feet up after a long day, feeling better than I did the last couple of weeks.  Busy, busy, busy and tired, tired, tired but feeling great.

Only 41 more days of school, I love my after Spring Break countdown!  I also love my lunch breaks where I make time to head up to the gym with my hubs, working together is the best.

Easter was so much fun this year, it's really the best when your kids get  a bit older.  Lemon had been talking about dying eggs for FOREVER, so our good friends' Jonah and Miranda came over to dye them with us, and crack confetti eggs!  We also did a practice egg hunt and the kids loved it.


Easter nails:

Ian had a late meeting at school on a yoga night for me, so I drove Lemon to my yoga studio and he picked her up.  It was lovely having company and then later, seeing them on Periscope while I was in class!  I love watching these on the replay when I get home!

I had a meeting on Thursday and didn't have to be back at school until after lunch, so I got to meet Lemon and Brittany for lunch and eat chips and salsa outside on the most gorgeous day!

Then on Friday, Ian and I took our students to see a local community garden, and then out to lunch at Flower Child and Lemon got to meet us again!  Twice in a row I saw her at lunch, it was the best week ever!

My mom and Brittany started cleaning out the baby's room this week and then I started looking at it and got totally overwhelmed.  I have no idea how to decorate a boys' room and don't have the time or energy to do it either.  Yes I know he won't be sleeping in here until November probably, but man, it's gotta get done!  (If you know me, you'd know that it has to be done before he gets here.)  What the heck and I'm going to do with this space?  I also have no money, it's all being saved for Lemon's preschool - so there's that.  Ugh.  I started a Pinterest board if you're interested, we are doing an adventure theme (also a clue to his name!).

I went to Lemon's acting class with her this past weekend and it was so fun to see her there.  She seems to like it, even though we've had some snags with the teachers (regarding the potty and letting us watch the first class), but I hope that it goes smoothly from here on out.

Saturday night we spent the evening with our good friends, James and Brian, and Lemon helped make dinner and chocolate chip cookies.  She loves them and so do we!

Lemon and her cousins had a blast at my in-laws running around hunting for eggs, and we are so lucky because my mom and Joe, and our good friend James, got to come over too!  It was a lovely morning, hosted by Ian's mom Patty (thanks Patty!), and it's always fun when we get our families together.

Hope you all had a Happy Easter too!   :)

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