Wednesday, April 16, 2014

21 Months - Our Little Comedian

This month was all about whole phrases, mimicking us, throwing silent fits and asking herself if she is ok ("you ok").  Such a character and coming into herself, growing up so fast!

3.3.14          You did the arm movements today from Bubble Guppies and did the dance perfectly - you've never done the whole dance/arm movements before.

3.4.14          You constantly say, "mommy, daddy, up" and "help."  On repeat.

3.5.14          You pushed the button on your cat keyboard over and over today to find the song you liked, then stopped, sang it and then pushed the button to get back to it and did it all over again.  You must have done this like 20 times.  I had no idea you liked that particular song or that you even knew how to skip through the songs.

3.6.14          You called for your mommy last night before bed, when your daddy put you to bed and I was at yoga.  You said mommy over and over tonight while I held and sang to you before bed.  Still such a mama's girl.

Elephant was missing so you called for him - "elphant, ellllpphhhant."  You now say the whole word instead of just "ellie" like you used to say.  So cool watching words form and sound better - language is just the coolest.  You snuggle with elephant every night, he is definitely your lovey.

 You held a little boy's hand today.

You repeat phrases and mimic movies/TV shows.  Even if you don't know the whole thing we are saying you roll your tongue around and go blah blah blah until you say the sound you know.  Like blah blah blah blah B!  (For "mark it with a B!" singing Pat-A-Cake.)

You remember songs and what you watch and you talk about and sing them all day long.

3.8.14          You make jokes like laying, saying "night night" and fake snoring.  Your personality as a little comedian is really starting to shine through!

3.10.14          You woke up crying/screaming last night for the first time in months.  Then again tonight right after you went to bed.  You call to me and it's heartbreaking.  I even went in to check on you but you were upset again when I left.  It was like you were a little babe all over again.

3.12.14         When we get you out of bed you name all of your animals/toys for us.

You finger-painted with Brittany today and liked it, not like when you were younger and did it with mommy and hated it.

3.13.14         You can use a spoon and you LOVE doing it!  You eat with both of your hands but usually use your left for utensils, even though you are right handed.  Just like your daddy.

You can climb up on the pallet couches we have outside and you climbed up on the real couch last night - daddy caught you just sitting there.  How did you do it?!

3.16.14         Always wants me to pick her up, says "up, up up up" in the sweetest way.  If I change her first thing in the morning or right before bed before we settle in on the couch, she jumps into my arms after I stand her up, she loves me.

She is nicer to strangers than she used to be.  She tolerates people, doesn't stick her tongue out but is still nervous around new people.

Doesn't throw tantrums she just lays face down on the floor, or folds over her legs, and is silent.  She throws silent fits, it's so good.

She points out a nose, mouth, ears, eyes and hair on all of her toys/dolls and on us.

She is scared of our robot vacuum, the roomba.  She says "hi oomba."

My favorite thing she says this month is "seeyater" which is "see ya later."  I love it but can never seem to get it on video.

You know most of the primary colors and can count to 5 (but soon to 10 all on your own!).

You said "happy birthday" as clear as day today.

3.17.14         Today was the first day you responded to Bubble Guppies when they paused to wait for an answer.  You said "no" to a question about being able to sled at the beach.

You tried to sit in a dollhouse chair today while we were touring a school for you next year.  You took the chair out and sat in it, so cute.

3.18.14         Without prompting and out of nowhere, at dinner tonight, you counted to 10 and surprised the heck out of us!  "Seben" and "ate" are my favs.

3.21.14         You said "I love you" today.  You say so many things!  You try to sing the ABCs too and just do the end of the verses with the sounds you know, but you do know the tune!  You are so so smart!

You were such a good girl on our trip to San Diego over Spring Break and loved being away from home and at the "beesh."

3.24.14         You went "do doo dooo" to a tune that daddy was signing today, mimicking him.

3.26.14         You wore your hair in pigtails, all of your hair, for the first time today.

3.27.14         You made your new raccoon toys kiss today, it was the first time I'd seen you do that.

You played with stickers for the first time today and loved it.  Too bad they were so little and you needed help getting them off of the sheet to stick them.  Every time I helped you get one off you grunted like it was really hard for me to do it, like you were making sound effects for me.  You are so freaking funny!

3.28.14         You whisper and talk to me in whispers sometimes when I talk to you like that.  You plug your ears with your fingers like you don't want to listen to us or something is too loud, I have no idea.

You moved your mouth today like you were talking but nothing came out and I was worried but realized you were mimicking a character on Wallykazam who lost her voice!

3.30.14          You leaned over for a kiss today at Goodwill, all on your own and totally unprompted.  So so sweet.

You had a poopy diaper toddler meltdown tonight when it was just the two of us, poop everywhere and you rolled around in it.  It was crazy!

You say "shhhh" and hold your little finger in front of your nose, it is so cute!


Lemon is still loving Brittany, our friend and nanny, and they have so much fun together.  Brittany posts lots of pictures to Instagram (@lemonwithsprinkles) so that we can see Lemon all day long while we are at work.  Lemon has even given Brittany hugs and kisses when she leaves some nights, this is big for a girl who usually isn't all about anyone but her family!  We love Brittany and hope she can come back and work with us next year too!

Lemon loving on elephant at the zoo, a picture captured by Brittany.


This baby is growing into such a big girl.  She is so pretty I can't even take it.  Her hair is getting so long (I even bought detangler!) and  just look at those curls (they are really unreal) . . .

Mornings are still fun since I get to have mommy and Lemon time.  She always wants to be where her mommy is, even in the bathroom!  There is no such thing as alone time when you are a mom.

Getting ready.  (I was right in back of her the whole time, except to take these pics!)

Right next to me, on the toilet.  Ha.

Lemon in the mornings is my favorite Lemon, so cuddly and sweet.  Lemon in the evenings is definitely a close second . . .


She is less and less interested in snuggling and more and more interested in my phone or the iPad.  Ugh, teenager baby.

I also love Lemon in lemons . . .

Swimming is going better now that we don't make her do anything.  She gets to play in the water and do the things she is comfortable with.  Ian passes water over her head, from a cup, instead of dunking her and she loves to back float - even at home in the tub with him!  Soon we will start dunking her and working with her again, but this rest from working so hard at swimming has proven to be good, she isn't as upset when we bring her to lessons anymore.  I can't wait for summer where she can play in the water at home and then work in the water at swimming lessons.  Soon!

Before Spring Break we did a lot of yard work to get ready for a week at home so that we wouldn't have to work so hard on our vacay.  It was a full weekend of working but it paid off!

Neighborhood dogs helping out.
She took her tank off of one shoulder, by herself, and loves playing with my glasses.  Any glasses/sunglasses she loves, except she won't keep them on!

Park hangs with my bestie, Christine, and her son, Espen.

The weather is beautiful this time of year in Arizona so we love to eat dinner outside.  We put on music, Lemon dances, and she entertains us the whole time.  I will miss this when it gets too hot!

A walk around Old Town Scottsdale, so much fun!

Ugh, naked baby pictures, nothing like them.  Take that Instagram (and the person who reported my photos recently!).  I will post all the naked booty, topless Lemon photos here instead!

Lemon's shelves in her room, complete with a handmade Lemon by Sew Hooked Needleworks, a good friend we met on our ring Instagram.  I love that we have met so many talented and lovely mamas on IG!

Yoga with my best friend, so fun!

Splash pad Fridays are back!  The weather is finally nice enough to go and Lemon missed it!  (Search #splashpadfridays on IG for pics!)

I love weekends with my fam.  We took Lemon out to a late lunch and then to the park and then another day we walked to Goodwill.  I can't wait for summer when we can do this every day!

Painted piggies


Smoothies before her afternoon nap . . .

Costco trips with grandpa . . .

We said goodbye to our turtle, Molly, and set her free after 10 years of her living with us.  I found her crossing a major street by our house, the day I did my final presentation for my Master's Degree, kept her in a box outside while I presented, then brought her home.  She moved with me from my old house to our new one, laid two eggs (and I kept one of her babies alive for a year, then he died) and loved swimming in the pool with us.  She would come up to us, in the pool, and not bite just put her little nose/mouth on us.  She loved being around people and for the past couple of years, since Lemon was born, she was stuck in a pond in our backyard, away from everyone and just miserable.  (We think.)  So, it was time for her to go back to where she came from and although it was sad, she deserves it.  We will miss you Molly!  (Since Lemon was born we went from having 10 animals to now only 5, they have all died or been set free.  Babies really do take up all of your time.)


We went to the park after to cheer us up!

Fish face at dinner!  My mom said that I used to make this face when my dad said, "fish face."  Too funny, I love it!  Such a character!

Getting off the bed all by herself:

The silliest girl:

Speaking Spanish:

Trying to turn on the TV:

"Are you ok?"

I can't believe this month is over and Lemon will be 2 months from being two next month.  Where has the time gone?  I don't miss my baby, I am loving this phase of watching her grow, but it does seem like you blink and it's over, on to the next thing.  I do think I will miss this learning/talking/toddler phase when she is finally a big girl - Lemon, don't grow up!

We love you little baby, still our baby girl, and love the little personality you are developing.  You are such a good baby and listen when we tell you know and don't throw fits to get your way, I hope you are always this good of a kid.  You bring so much joy to my life and I am so lucky to have you as my very own.  I love you.

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