Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Lemony Easter

Last weekend was a whirlwind and we had so much fun spending it with friends and family.  Lemon had a cold all week so we made sure she was well rested and once Friday arrived - she was better!

On Saturday we went to Ian's parents to celebrate Easter with our families and his cousins in town from Montana.  Lemon had the best time sliding with her cousin Selma, hunting for eggs and eating breakfast with everyone.  Saturday afternoon (after a long nap for all of us!) we went to the Brat Haus to join my bestie and her boyfriend in celebration of him finishing law school!  Yay Jeremy!


Lemon loved her Easter basket - see video below (and click here to find out what was in it)!  We had such a fun morning playing with her Easter goodies before we headed off to hang with my fam.  Sunday was also my mom's birthday (I love when her birthday is on Easter!) so we joined her, my step-dad and Amanda for brunch at Orange Tree Golf Resort.  Lemon loved the piano player and said, "again, again" every time she stopped playing (she even played songs from Frozen for us!).  Then another egg hunt (and so many big kids to compete with) where Amanda, my niece, helped her rescue as many eggs as she could.  Sunday afternoon was spent recovering and grocery shopping, getting ready for our work week ahead.



In other news, I haven't been sleeping at night and am soooooooo tired.  I have no idea what is going on, my brain just doesn't want to shut off.  Any other mamas have this problem?  What do you do?  Is it just toddler life?  I used to sleep great, then never slept (until Lemon was 16 months and we sleep-trained her) and then slept great until a couple of weeks ago.  19 days left of school, I can't wait, maybe that's it.  Ugh, come on summer . . . and sleep!

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  1. What a beautiful Easter. I'm always the one organising and hosting so I'm the one running around like a headless chicken, I think it my turn to relax next year.

    In regard to sleep. I'm hearin' ya!! My daughter just turned 2, I work full time and studying as well. I'm thinking mine might just be the end of semester and having 20thousand assignments. Kill me now! 3 weeks left!!

  2. I just saw these! So cute! Love that you filmed her getting her little house! You were right! Great idea!