Sunday, December 13, 2015

Babes of Winter - 6th Annual Cookie Party

I had to look up just how many of these we've had - SIX!  I can't believe it, crazy!  Every year our girlfriends get together at our friend Jenny's house and make Christmas cookies.  This year was fun because we invited some new mamas and kids, and I loved watching all the babes play together.  I love traditions and this one is a GOOD one!

We made the dough at home this time and then just brought it over to cook and cut it.  I make gluten free gingerbread men every year!

 7 weeks apart (Margot is 7 weeks older than baby boy), and our first babes are 8 months apart (Lemon is older than Jonah).

We took the cookies home to frost them after Lemon's nap, because I knew she wouldn't want to miss it, and I'm glad I did because she was too funny while we were doing it!

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