Friday, December 4, 2015

Elf on the Shelf - Week One

Last year I had so much fun blogging Lemon finding her Elf, that I thought I'd do it again this year.  But, instead of just Elf, Lemon has finally named her - Daphne!  It's so cute because she carries her around all day long and really loves her, and I love that she is starting to really "get" this and enjoy this tradition!  Plus, Daphne brings her a small present every day, so that probably helps, ha.  (To see my Elf posts from last year, or if you need some Elf ideas, start here.)

December 1st:

I wasn't home the very first morning that she found Daphne (and named her!) and I was so bummed.  My mom was at our house (Brittany was sick) and sent me some video, and I got to FaceTime with her to see what she thought when I got to school.

Elf just appeared on her table, with her reindeer from last year, introducing herself.

And, Daphne came with us to pick out a tree that night!

(Outfit from Muffin and the Bear)

December 2nd:

Today, Daphne was hiding in our new tree!

December 3rd:

A giant box came to our house and Lemon has been using it to relax in for a couple of weeks now.  She even fell asleep in it one morning (which is unheard of for her)!  This morning, Elf was in her box, all snuggled up, watching the iPod (like it was the iPad) with DCTC (play-doh videos) on YouTube - just like Lemon would do.  So funny!

December 4th:

Today Elf was in the Orbies and made a huge mess.  Lemon thought it was the silliest and then proceeded to make a "yucky face" because Daphne was sitting in the wet Orbies.  Ha.

December 5th:

Today Lemon could not find Daphne.  She actually sat down and got really upset, thinking that her elf didn't come this morning.  But, little did she know, she was on the potty!!  At the very end of the video Lemon was so excited (and a bit distraught) she smacked her head on the wall, then cried and needed cuddles.  It was an eventful morning.  :)

December 6th:

This morning, Lemon found Daphne right away, asleep in her barbie house!

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  1. She is the cutest! And her laugh??? You two are having just as much fun, I think!