Monday, December 14, 2015

Elf on the Shelf - Week Two

December 7th:

Today Daphne decided to go swinging across the den, with a present hanging from her foot.  Lemon thought it was the craziest thing!

December 8th:

Today Daphne decided to make some cookies, and a mess, in Lemon's kitchen.

December 9th:

Daphne had a pool party today with all of Lemon's Barbie princesses, and their princes.  She thought it was so funny and drank Daphne's drink (apple juice) when she discovered it!

December 10th:

I went around at school and collected "snow" from all the hole punches in classrooms and the copy machines to make it snow on Lemon's Calico Critters house.  She thought it was so cool, she even cried when Ian tried to vacuum it up before we left!

December 11th:

Last night, I snuck in Lemon's room while she was sleeping, took her baby out of its crib and replaced her with Daphne.  She woke up this morning and found her before I could get a video, in the dark, half asleep!  Too funny!

December 12th:

Today Daphne was hanging with our Christmas decorations over the couch and Lemon found her right away.  Not sure how she does that, I thought this one would take her a bit!

December 13th:

Today Daphne put clown noses on all of our pictures (and one on herself).  Lemon thought it was so silly!

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