Sunday, December 20, 2015

Elf on the Shelf - Week Three

December 14th:

Today Daphne was hanging in the hallway right outside of Lemon's room when she woke up!

December 15th:

Daphne was hiding IN the fridge this morning, with a scarf and earmuffs on to keep warm!

December 16th:

Daphne was in Lemon's room, sitting atop her ATAT.

December 17th:

Daphne was floating in the tub this morning and Lemon thought it was hilarious!

December 18th:

Tea party time with Daphne!

December 19th:

Daphne was in bed with me this morning when Lemon came in to wake me up.  (I also put the wrong number on the box, should have been a 6.)

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