Monday, December 7, 2015

Moms on Mondays - Rachael from Brite Lite Dyed

Today on Moms on Mondays I am featuring Rachel from Brite Lite Dyed.  She makes the cutest tie-dyed clothes and housewares for the whole family.  Read her post and then go shop!

Hi there, I am Rachael, owner, creator and manager of Brite Lite DyedI am a one woman show who has the help from my husband from time to time (mainly with numbers because I am awful with those!). You can also find Brite Lite Dyed on Instagram, Etsy and Facebook!

So, what is BriteLiteDyed? We are a tie dye WAHM shop, I am almost a one woman show. My husband will help with numbers and carrying heavy stuff at shows, but everything else is just me! I love making folks smile, I love putting people in a good mood! 

I started BLD after I had realized how much I loved tie dyeing and that I was somewhat good at it. I was fund raising for an educational trip in the beginning of 2014, when I got back from that trip, I decided to open up shop. I saved up and started this business from the ground up. When I opened, my goal was to make enough to afford organic and fresh foods for my girls, and since then I have poured all money from custom orders into bulking up inventory! We now have over 250 items in our Etsy store, with plenty more on our racks that aren't online! We offer custom orders on pretty much everything, with a handful of items being consistent listings in our shop. 

This has helped our family, literally by putting the clothes on my girl's backs. I am so very grateful and thankful for this position, and what this shop has done for my whole family. I work very hard for this shop and that turns into positivity and smiles for loads of folks all over the world! BLD has been shipped to Canada, Germany and England! 

Finding a balance in running the shop, and creating, will always be a learning curve and process for me. I like the challenge, but let me tell you - never dismiss the work of a WAHM shop. It is the hardest thing I have ever done, but it is just as rewarding if not more! I love when my friends get excited about their packages, especially the ones that have never talked to me but can see the passion I have. I have always loved color, loved rainbows, so this fits perfectly. 

What drives me? Making people feel good. Yes, I am here for my children, to provide for them and to get to stay home with them to homeschool is such a reward; but making people feel good is so important in life, maybe the most important thing.  This is what I love most about running this shop, the sleepless nights, the long days and the chaos when things get backed up, is all worth the glory of making someone feel good and smile! I have the BEST friends (customers) that truly are so happy with what I provide, and are so patient with me, I really couldn't be anymore blessed! I have made some amazing connections with my friends (customers) and couldn't be more grateful!  

My girls are 6 and 2, they are at an age that I believe they need Mom the most. I can't express how thankful I am that they get to have their Mom around. They also help me from time to time, from picking which shades to use or putting price tags on - making this a truly family owned shop! 

We try to keep lots of different items in the shop, we have clothing for adults and children, as well as youth. We also carry some housewares items such as sheet sets, crib sheets, tapestries, baby swaddle blankets and more. I tend to focus more on color, vibrancy and options than I do designs when I make my art. I really love bright colors, so that is what you will find most in my shop. I am practicing a few new designs, but I mostly think about the color combos! I really love ice dyeing (a form of dyeing using ice and powder dye VS liquid dye) as well as traditional tie dye, so you will find a combo of the two in our shop! 

I love handmade products and shops! A couple of Christmases ago we decided we were only doing handmade gifts. It was amazing and so cool while helping out real families. I hadn't started BLD then, and now I have even more of an appreciation of handmade shops and small businesses! Some of my favorite shops right now are Sending out Love and Kicking Legs (I featured Chelsea here). I think it is so important to support each other, even if we carry the same type of items.  The support will do so much for someone and makes us feel like a tight knit community! I really love the idea of a village and WAHM's are a great village, and should always feel like they are supported! Whoever you are and wherever you are, smile. 

What a lively and fun post, thanks Rachael!

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