Thursday, January 21, 2016

Baby Boy - 21 Weeks

Last week was a whirlwind and this week is too!  I'm interviewing for a new teaching position (hush, hush), am starting yoga teacher training this week and we are just now getting our house back in order from remodeling Ian's room (now Lemon's room) - a lot going on!  (I hope to blog about Lemon's big girl room next week!)

This week the dreaded heartburn from my last pregnancy made its appearance and so did my lack of breath, it seems.  I have been craving spicy foods like crazy this time around (salty too!) so I'm sure the heartburn has something to do with that (Cholula!) and combined with feeling out of breath - it's just a lot.  I think I do too much and don't take enough breaks (or drink enough water on the weekends) so that's something I definitely need to work on.  I gotta put my feet up more, it's just so hard when there's so much to do!

This week was pretty eventful and we LOVE three day weekends!  We were hurrying to get Lemon's room done before my yoga teacher training started this week and we FINISHED!!  Wahoo!

On Monday we met some friends at the library and played around for a bit.  Lemon loves going to the library for new books each week, and I love that she loves to read - like me!

Lemon had also been begging me for days to make her Monster High DracuLaura doll "haunted" like the movie.  So, I finally did and she loved it.

The next night we were off to my dad's for dinner and Lemon enjoyed a dip in the jacuzzi, her favorite thing to do when visiting my dad's condo.

We got to take a break from work this week for my interview and then our annual Arizona Recycling Coalition luncheon.  It's so fun because Ian and I get to go together (and stop for donuts after)!

That night we walked to our local farmer's market (we are so glad it's back!) and Lemon got a free, gluten free pie (what are the odds!).  It was so yummy, I'm so happy we can go every week if we want.

We planted a new garden at school and the kids LOVED it, most of my students (Recycling and Sustainability Club) had never planted anything before - crazy!  They worked hard and had a good time, I can't wait for their stuff to start growing!

We got to spend the whole day shopping at Ikea with my mom on Saturday, for Lemon's new room, and then both took a nap over there.  It was a dream, I love being able to spend the day with Nani!

On Sunday I took Lemon to Frozen on Ice and it was so much fun!  She liked it, but not as much as she liked her Olaf sno-cone and straw - she spent almost the whole time trying to eat it (a difficult task in the dark)!  Then, she got to sleep in our bed on Sunday night (Friday too, a treat this weekend!) and on Monday we were off to take her to music class and on a donut date.

Sunday night fun with friends at Joyride Tacos!

I have not only craved spicy foods this pregnancy but also donuts (obvi), peanut butter and chips (anything salty really).  So different from the first time when I only ate fruit, fruit salad and fruity candy!

I have failed again on a belly pic this week (where is all the time?!) so this one will have to suffice.

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