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History of Yoga & Yoga as Self-Transformation (YTT - Week Two)

January 27th - 

On Wednesday night, we had a 2 hour lecture from an experienced yogi, Barbara, on the history of yoga.  We were also tasked with reading an article titled "Yoga as Self-Transformation" by Joel Kramer (linked below) for our studies next week, along with a chapter on Ashtanga yoga from one of our books - Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar.  I knew homework was coming, but I'm an English teachers so reading and highlighting does not phase me one bit.  :)

We sat for 2 hours after I went to a prenatal yoga class at the studio.  It was rough, I had no idea we would be sitting so much.  We had "chairs" (cushions with backs) but sitting on the floor, pregnant, for hours at a time, even with props, is a lot.  I may ask if I can sit in a real chair next time, I just can't seem to get comfortable when we are sitting so long.  Everyone else seems to be struggling with it as well, it's tough for people who are obviously active to come in and sit on the floor and listen for hours at a time.  Hopefully as the training goes on we get to stand and practice poses/alignment more.  I can't wait!

It was also tough because our speaker was SO knowledgeable about the history of yoga, and knew all the Sanskrit terms and got so into it that it was hard for us, the laymen, to follow along.  She had a handout of 27 pages of notes, that she was reading from, but didn't pass it out until the end, and I was so confused about this.  I think they wanted us to just relax and listen to the lecture, but in the eyes of a teacher, this is not helping students to learn.  I would have loved to have the packet, follow along with her, read and highlight it and listen at the same time, learning and remembering as I go.  Now, we all have to go back through the packet again to read/highlight and hope it sticks.  Sitting and listening at 8pm at night (until 9:30pm) is tough after working all day, it just seems like it goes on forever.

The lecture was interesting and Barbara is definitely a magical, amazing person.  The first night of our YTT, during the ceremony, she shared a scarf that a student had given her that had been blessed by the Dalai Lama and passed it around.  I rubbed it on my cheek and my belly and it was just full of energy, so awesome to have that experience.  She also practices martial arts and is incredibly knowledgeable about all facets of yoga and its history, she is really incredible.  I think that if I would have been in a comfy chair, with a little desk (or table) and it was 9am and I was listening without notes, I would have loved it.  I still liked it, I was just tired and uncomfortable.  During the break I sat with my legs up the wall and my new friend Becca joined me, wish someone would have snapped a pic, I'm sure we looked ridiculous but cute.  :)

Here are a few quotes I liked from her lecture (they are not necessarily hers, but people she quoted):

“Yoga doesn’t change us, it simply lets us know who we are.”
“The teacher becomes necessary, becomes yoga.” 
“Our yoga practice saves us from suffering that is to come.
Yoga means "connection of the stars." 
Karma is the “invisible result of the action that shapes a person’s destiny.”
“We are what we are because of what we do or how we do it.”  Our actions are the reflection of our true self. 
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” 
“Things are never good, and never bad, just interesting.” 
“When you are doing your yoga practice, it should be your yoga practice.” 
“The teacher shows up when the students are ready.

Something else we did that is worth sharing was a meditation visualization.  We met with a higher being and felt energy pass between us, the being and all of our family and friends in our life that are supporting us on our journey.  Instead of God or a higher power, my being was my Nani (my grandma) whose birthday is today (January 29th) and who passed away 4 years ago when I was unknowingly pregnant with Lemon.  She gave me so much light, love and energy, in my visualization, and was just smiling and smiling, so happy for her life and mine.  It was truly magical and I felt so great after, like she is still smiling down at me and so happy for me.  I loved it.

Namaste friends!

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