Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Lemon Reads My Pet Book by Bob Staake

Every week either I, or Brittany, take Lemon to the library to check out new books.  Last week, I got to take her, and she picked out some Valentine's Day books and some regular books by our favorite authors.  One of the authors she loves is Bob Staake, his books are so colorful, have rhyme and are always super silly!

Each week, she finds a couple, out of the 10-15 we check out, that she absolutely LOVES, and every day at nap time and night time, we have to read the same books, over and over again.  So, she starts to memorize them and completes the sentences for me while I read.  Then, after a couple of days, she insists on reading the book herself, to me.  So, the other night, she read My Pet Book by Bob Staake, to me and it was just the cutest.

You'll really enjoy this if you've read this book with your littles, if not, check it out - we love it!

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