Saturday, January 2, 2016

Christmas 2015 & New Years 2016

Christmas and New Years this year was a whirlwind.  It's always crazy leading up to Christmas and that week seems to fly by, but the week after was a pretty lazy one for us this year.  It was nice, and we spent a lot of time just resting and cuddling - I loved it.  I hardly got dressed and there were days we didn't leave the house - we spent a lot of time playing with Lemon's new presents and just being together and relaxing.  The best.

Annual Christmas Eve nails with my family and friends:

Christmas Eve at our house this year with my in-laws:

And right before bed:

8:00am and Lemon still wasn't up Christmas morning - wake up Lemon!

Santa came!

After we opened our presents, my mom, Joe, Aunt Virgie and Uncle Tim came over with more presents.  My mom got Lemon a tent and later that afternoon, she took a nap in it in her room.  Ha!

That evening we went to my mom's and ate ravioli (well, I ate pasta since I don't eat cheese) and it was so fun and relaxing.  Christmas day was so lovely!

New Years was fun too, we worked on Lemon's new room, went to the store and then stayed home with our muffin to celebrate.  We kept her up until the east coast New Years (at 10pm) and watched the ball drop online to pretend like it was happening now.  My dad gave us confetti shooters and noise makers and we blew them, and then went to bed.  I stayed up until midnight, under the covers and looking at the internet and I think Lemon was up tossing and turning (too excited) in her bed until 11:30pm.  It was a fun night but we were tired the next day!

We took it easy the next morning and then met Jonah, Miranda and Jason to watch The Good Dinosaur at the movies!

The holidays flew by and as soon as they were over I was in a post-holiday funk.  We had SO MUCH FUN this year and right after Christmas was over I wanted do it all again, I can't wait until next year!!!

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