gluten free lifestyle

As of May 2011 I went gluten free due to 32 years of stomach issues and a pregnancy loss.  Here are some posts with recipe ideas for you if you are newly on the path of going gluten free (just look for the pictures of food).  If you want to know more about Celiac disease, think you might have a wheat (gluten) allergy or know someone who does, start with this article.

2.10.11           Ketchup (February 10th post) - (Before I was gf, but can be modified to be gf.)
5.25.11           Ian's 31st Birthday
6.25.11           Goodbye Bread!
6.17.11           Gluten Free Restaurants
7.24.11           A Getaway to Get Away
8.12.11           Back to School
8.16.11           A Blueberry Birth Day
9.24.11           Hurricane Allison
10.5.11           33
10.15.11         My Favorite Men + A Grandma
11.25.11         Thankful
12.15.11         Babes of Winter
1.22.12           4 Months!
4.29.13           My Gluten Free Anniversary

I also follow some blogs that post good gluten free recipes and information.  However, before you visit these and start making gluten free recipes, please note:  The best gluten free food that I've had happens when I just take a regular recipe and modify it to be gluten free.  Whenever I have tried to make things from an actual gluten free recipe, it always turns out yucky.  So, these blogs may have some good tips, but if you're looking to make something, just find a recipe you like and then subsitute Gluten Free All Purpose Flour for regular flour (or whatever).  This is how I've made the BEST stuff!

Ashley's Green Life
Dairy Land Veg
Ginger Lemon Girl
Kristen's Raw
Luminary Havens